2017 Neptune Rx

June-November 2017

What’s coming up?

Let’s backtrack a bit. In April, we hurdled five Planets in retrograde—Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.
May was a bit kinder with only three in retrograde (Rx)—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

It was a breather for most. Instead of fighting fires, many were able to do inner housecleaning and take time to smell the roses.

On June 17, Neptune will come like a huge wave and join the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Rx bandwagon.
Neptune is Rx for about 150 days; so don’t hold your breath.

Neptune, when Rx, will make us face our fears. It will strip the illusions, fantasies and false realities we subscribe to in order to cope with our fears—about ourselves, our finances, our possessions, what we believe we are worth, our family bonds, our relationships, our careers, and more.

We will have to face reality and wake up. For some, Neptune Rx will be a splash of cold water, for others it will be like Niagara Falls. Neptune will be exactly what you need it to be to wake you up.

The biggest illusion is seeing the outside world as the source of permanent love, peace and joy. While you can make a girl fall in love with you, buy a ticket to a paradise getaway, and invite all your friends for a night of fun and laughter, the outside world can only offer fleeting moments of love, peace and joy.

Like a drug addict, you will move heaven and earth to get your next fix of love-peace-joy, and your next, and your next—whatever the cost is.

Neptune is the planet of addiction.

IF YOU FACE YOUR FEARS AND LET GO OF YOUR ILLUSIONS, there is another side of Neptune. Neptune is also the planet of enlightenment.

It will clear a path so you can go within and discover the true and eternal Source of Love-Peace-Joy that you are.