The Spirit of the Law 2017 SATURN Rx

Saturn Rx, Apr 6-Aug 26

“The spirit of the law” is the resounding theme for this Saturn Rx period.

“The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis.  When one obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit, one is obeying the literal interpretation of the words (the “letter”) of the law, but not necessarily the intent of those who wrote the law.”


Understanding the spirit of the law is often overlooked when a person commits a violation.

Not this time; within the Rx period, Saturn will make sure you understand the spirit of the law, and that you will take corrective action.

The Rx period began on Dec 30, 2016 and will last thru Dec 1, 2017; it will peak when Saturn in Sagittarius turns Rx beginning on April 6 thru Aug 26.

Begin: Dec 30, 2016
End: Dec 1, 2017
Peak: Apr 6 thru Aug 26, 2017

Combine the keywords below to understand “Saturn in Sagittarius.”

• To understand Saturn, think discipline, structure, boundaries, limits, expertise, authority, a parent (usually the more controlling one), business & financial institutions, career, maturity, mastery, and wisdom

• To understand Sagittarius, think about the following archetypes: The Philosopher, The Teacher, The Guide, The Traveler, and The Free Spirit

• Pay attention to all things ruled by Saturn including discipline, structure, boundaries, limits, expertise, and authority

• When you are called out for not following a law, boundary or guideline, dig up the “spirit of the law” you violated

• Do not fall into victim-syndrome

• Do not result to blame-shame-guilt

BIG TIP: Turn to the Sagittarius archetypes (see previous section).  Choose one; take stock of the archetype’s unbalanced and balanced qualities. Review your violation and what you plan to do to correct your wrongdoing. Am I coming from balance or unbalance? What do I need to do to achieve balance?

Using The Philosopher as an example—

Unbalanced or Detrimental Qualities: Analysis-paralysis, justifying a wrongdoing, looking for a way to save one’s neck, not owning up to responsibilities, looking for a scapegoat or someone to blame

Balanced or Benign Qualities: Reviewing and understanding the spirit of the law, acting based on what will bring about the highest good for all vs. saving one’s neck

• Correct your wrongdoing, misstep or mistake immediately

BIGGEST TIP: The most important is, demonstrate to the other party that you understand the spirit of the law.


• A Planet moves forward, stops and then moves backward, stops again, and then moves forward. The movement looks like the letter Z.

Direct: Moves forward
Retrograde Station: Stops
Retrograde: Moves backward
Direct Station: Stops
Direct: Moves forward again




• THREE STRIKES. If you have a natal Planet that falls within the “Rx degrees,” know it will trigger three events in your life. Hopefully, by the third strike you would have learned the lesson the Planet brings. For this Saturn Rx period, the degrees are: 21°-27°.

• ALL WILL BE AFFECTED. If you do not have natal Planets in 21°-27°, you will still get wind of the theme. Read the news. Scroll down your Facebook news feed. Look around you. Be observant and open to learning.

• If you know how to read charts, you will be able to tell:

1. THE TRIGGER – The people, situation and area of your life the change will come from
2. THE NATURE – The kind of change or over-all energy
3. THE SITUATION – The area of your life receiving the change
4. ADDED EFFECT – In some cases, not all, the situation will affect other areas of your life

Astrology is a tool to raise one’s consciousness and maintain awareness. If you can identify the trigger, the nature, the situation, the other areas of your life that will be affected, and the exact dates ahead of time—you can save yourself from a lot of trouble and heartache, and know how to better deal with life situations.


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• In Life in Transit, you will learn to forecast events (the trigger, nature, situation, other areas of life that will be affected, and exact dates) and review past events in life to gain more learnings.

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1. Saturn will turn Rx on April 6 at 1:06 pm (Manila)
2. The dates/time mentioned in this article are based on Manila Time (GMT +8); convert to your local time
3. There are times when laws are outmoded and need to be revised. This is not the time to push for revision. Wait for a time when Uranus, the planet that tears down outmoded structures, is prominent and in good standing.