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This year is a bit unique. At one point, six Planets will be in retro motion (Rx). That wasn’t the case in recent years which had only five planets in Rx at a time. And, this year, warring planet Mars will be thrown in the mix.

Six Planets in Retrograde
What’s six Planets in Rx going to be like? If you’ve ever experienced a frustrating Mercury Rx set back, multiply that experience six times. There could be a challenge in six or more areas of your life. And since some Planets travel slowly, challenges might not be gone by the end of the day.

Fast Facts
• Jupiter will be the first to turn Rx on March 9 followed by Mercury on March 23.
• Six Planets—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—will be Rx on Jun 27 thru Aug 28. This could be a very precarious time.
• The unusual, the unexpected, and the extreme happen to matters ruled by a Planet when Rx.


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Map out the Rx Bandwagon on your natal chart.  Know which areas of life to pay attention to, and what to do—so you can make better decisions, sit back, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Open to graduates of Practical Astrology Simplified.

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