Eclipses: Cosmic Upgrades THE BRIGHT SIDE



  • Eclipses are quite common.  We usually have two sets of eclipses each year.
  • They usually come in pairs and are 14 days apart
  • Solar Eclipses occur when the Moon is new; Lunar Eclipses occur when the Moon is full
  • Their influence, usually a life-changing event, can happen within the next five months or so.



A lot of people buy a computer and use it without upgrading its software until it conks out.  They take the computer to a technician or junk it.  It doesn’t take much effort to keep a computer running; one of the best ways is to keep its software updated.

Upgrade Your OS
Humans, just like computers, have an operating system—the Sun.  In fact, there are 12 different kinds of human OS—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and so on.

We need to constantly upgrade our OS to keep our physical, emotional, and more subtle bodies in tip-top shape.

VOLUNTARY VS. MANDATORY UPGRADES.  You can upgrade your OS voluntarily and regularly or you can wait for mandatory upgrades during Solar Eclipses.


The Cosmic Reboot

The upgrade begins 3-5 days before a Solar Eclipse.  During a Solar Eclipse, the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon and goes dark.  The occultation is similar to shutting down and restarting a computer for a software upgrade to take effect.


Voluntary Upgrade in 3 Steps
1 – Refer to the chart.  Identify your predominant vibe this week.
2 – Move up or upgrade to the next vibe.  Maintain the new vibe for a week.
3 – Move up again and aim for Level 500 up.


We are all suns with the capacity to radiate and create life experiences.  “I create what I radiate” means I can choose the life I want to experience.  If I want to experience a life of Peace, I must radiate Peace.

We are mandated by the Law of Evolution to radiate or express ourselves in higher and higher ways.   If I am vibrating at a lower level such as Pride, a Solar Eclipse experience will nudge me to choose a higher vibe or a higher way of expressing myself.

Remember: Those who do not perform voluntary upgrades and remain at a low vibe will be issued mandatory OS upgrades during Solar Eclipses.  The experiences are not always pleasant.

After each software upgrade, there is a learning curve  until you get used to the new software features.  The same happens after each Solar Eclipse.  New ways of doing things will be presented in the form of experiences, and getting used to them can take time.  Be patient with yourself. CLEAN UP YOUR RAM
A Lunar Eclipse happens 14 days before or after a Solar Eclipse.

The Moon is our emotional app.  Its function is to reflect the Sun back to us in the form of emotions.

For example, if I have been  vibrating at Anger and a car cuts me off on the freeway, my emotional reaction would be to express anger.  If I have been vibrating at Peace and a car cuts me off, my emotional reaction would be calm and peaceful.

Without the Moon, it will be hard for us to know the vibe we are radiating.

Emotions are stored in our subconscious mind which is similar to a computer’s operating memory known as Random Access Memory or RAM. Over time, a computer will slow down because its RAM is filled with junk files.  The solution is to clear the computer’s RAM regularly.

Humans are no different.  The heavy emotions we store in our subconscious mind slow us down and drag our vibe to the ground. If you, the Sun that you are, would like to radiate higher vibrations such as Love-Peace-Joy and consequently experience a life of Love-Peace-Joy, you will have to “operate faster” and that means letting go of heavy emotions.

About 1-3 days before a Lunar Eclipse, let go and release your emotional baggage

Those who do not perform voluntary letting go will undergo mandatory clean up during a Lunar Eclipse.  The experiences are not always pleasant.

Voluntary upgrade and clean up is the way to go.

This documentation of a total lunar eclipse was photographed in Palmer, Alaska over a two hour period


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