Do Planets have power over me?  Do Planets determine the course of my life and my experiences?

In Astrology, there are three planes of existence represented by the four elements—air, fire, water and earth.


  • The Mental Plane
  • Where we determine what we want to experience


  • The Energy-Emotional Plane
  • Where we determine how we want to experience specific events
  • Where the conscious (Masculine +) and subconscious (Feminine -) mind operates
  • FIRE: Where the conscious part of the mind harnesses and gives energy to the subconscious mind
  • WATER: Where the subconscious part of the mind receives and nurtures energy to give birth to experiences (Child)

The + and - Roles Within Us

  • The role of the +Masculine is to harness energy and give to the Feminine
  • The role of the -Feminine is to receive energy, nurture it, and give birth to the Child
  • The role of the Child is to create our experiences by projecting the energy to the outer world


  • The Physical Plane or The Manifest
  • Our Experiences or The Child
  • Projection of the choices we made in the 1st and 2nd planes

We exist on all three planes.   We direct the Planets on the Mental Plane.   We exercise our will further—whether free or shackled—in the Energy-Emotional Plane.  In the Physical Plane, we experience the choices we made in the higher planes.



The Mental Plane

Here’s a story to illustrate what happens on the Mental Plane—

In between lives, we decide what we want to experience, learn, and balance from previous lives.  We work with other souls to arrange certain experiences.

There is a magnificent cosmic computer that coordinates what we want to experience.  We approach the computer and state what we want.

Do you know what the computer does?  It spits out a birth chart.

"Here...enter Earth at this date, time and place."


Copies of our birth chart—similar to a mission order—are issued to each of the Planets.  The Planets will then conspire to trigger events and bring about the experiences we want.

Q: Do you mean to say, after I have made my decision in between lifetimes on what I want, there is not much I can do to change the course of events in my life?

The Energy-Emotional Plane

A (Rami): Planets conspire to carry out WHAT you decided you wanted to experience in this lifetime.   Your level of consciousness determines HOW you will experience life.

A consciousness of Love will bring about benign or good experiences.

A consciousness of Shame will bring about a miserable life experience.


Every second we are BEING by harnessing and nurturing energy.  We are being love, being shameful, being angry, being apathetic, etc.

Whatever we are "being" determines our experiences.

(+ Masculine) Harness Energy > Give
(- Feminine) Receive Energy > Nurture and Give Birth
(Child) Experiences

Only a will that is free can choose the energy it would like to harness and nurture.

When someone says, "I want to do this, it is my free will!" he is not exercising free will.   His will is shackled by hurtful or shameful memories stored in his subconscious mind.

The shackles hold his will to the ground and prevent him from harnessing higher energies such as Love, Joy and Peace.

The energy he manages to harness range from Shame to Pride; thus, he experiences life as miserable, evil, hopeless, etc.

To illustrate how we choose to experience certain events, imagine a stack of DVD.   Each DVD is encoded with the things you want to experience, learn, and balance from previous lives—all ready to be triggered at an exact point in time by the Planets because you ordered them to do so.

Each DVD in the stack corresponds to a level of consciousness from Shame-Guilt-Apathy to Love-Joy-Peace-Light.

You can choose how you would like to experience certain events if your will is unshackled and free.

is a way to unshackle the will and be free

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