Good & Bad Days in August 2017 MARK YOUR CALENDARS

The scene for August will be ominous.

  • Five Planets—Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—in retrograde
  • A Lunar Eclipse on August 7 followed by a total Solar Eclipse on August 21 that will sweep across the most influential country in the world—the United States
  • Chiron, the harbinger of pain and Uranus, the Planet of unexpected upheavals, rebellion, lawlessness, lightning storms, and earthquakes will be prominent during the Solar Eclipse

There will be some good days in August; but there will also be days we need to be extra careful and vigilant.  Avoid crowded places and altercations.  Keep your vibe up.

There are days to avoid in August if you are:

  • Planning an important event
  • Beginning a new project
  • Proposing marriage or getting married
  • Purchasing expensive items
  • Beginning a treatment protocol or having surgery
  • Signing a contract and purchasing a vehicle (other than the dates listed below,  avoid Mercury Rx beginning August 13 thru September 5 )


Days to Avoid

3 – Uranus turns Rx
4 – Sun conjunct Mars, Jupiter square Pluto
6 – Sun quincunx Neptune
10 – Sun quincunx Pluto; Mars quincunx Neptune
13 – Mercury turns Rx
14 – Mars conjunct the Sun; Sun trine Saturn
15 – Venus opposite Pluto and quincunx the Moon; Mars opposite the Moon
16 – Venus square Jupiter
17 – Mars quincunx Pluto
19 – Venus quincunx Saturn
21 – Solar Eclipse; Sun quincunx Chiron and trine Uranus
23 – Mars trine Saturn
25 – Venus trine Chiron and square Uranus
26 – Saturn stations Direct and prepares to move forward

Note: Time zone used is GMT+8; convert to your local time



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