Jupiter in Scorpio: What’s In Store for You FORECAST: OCT 2017 - NOV 2018

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic that bestows good things, will enter and remain in Scorpio on October 10, 2017 thru November 8, 2018.

Jupiter spends about a year in each Zodiac sign before moving on to the next to deliver a new set of opportunities and pleasant surprises for everyone; and since there are 12 signs, you can walk down memory lane to review what happened the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio 12 years ago to forecast what's in store for you.

What good happened in Oct 2005 thru Nov 2006 and in which area of your life?  


For this round of Jupiter in Scorpio (2017-2018), a new set of opportunities will unfold in the same area of your life.  But before we go deeper into that, let’s take a look at  bold forecasts and BIG TIPS.



FORECAST: Careers & Business That Will Do Well

  • Novels, movies and TV series ala House of Cards, Fifty Shades of Grey, Maleficent, and along the lines of Kama Sutra
  • Tantric yoni massage, sex therapist, dominatrix
  • Sex & bondage lingerie shops
  • Forensics experts, coroners, embalmers, and mortuary make up artists
  • Funeral parlors, arrangers, and food caterers
  • Innovative ways of honoring and burying the dead
  • Pest control
  • Psychiatry, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy
  • Working with the Shadow
  • Courses and workshops on Forgiveness and At-Onement
  • Medical surgery and research
  • Investigative agencies and private detectives
  • Corporate mergers
  • Life Insurance
  • Financial investment portfolios, debt solutions, and money lending
  • Innovative methods for bill collection
  • Lawyers and law firms practicing inheritance law
  • Family businesses
  • Scuba diving, and deep sea diving and exploration
  • Manufacture of submarine and other submersibles
  • Design and communications that incorporate depth, black, goth, the mysterious, the macabre, and passion
  • Shelter and care for disadvantaged pets




BIG TIPS: How to Ace Jupiter in Scorpio

  • Invest with a partner
  • Put your joint-finances in order
  • Review last wills and testaments
  • Acquire life insurances
  • Show courage, strength and determination
  • Confront your fear of losing what you started
  • Release resentments, let go of heavy emotional stuff, force stale emotional debris to the surface
  • Do not take things personally
  • Do not plot revenge
  • Understand the role of Karma; let Karma do what it does best
  • Pursue spiritual transformation
  • Know the right use and Highest Form of Power
  • Make use of words and themes associated with Scorpio—deep, passion, black, mysterious—in your communications

Do You Want Power

Do You Want Power

Examine your world.  Dig deep.  Look for things in your life right now with a Scorpio flavor—sex, power, metaphysics, the money you share with someone,  last will and testament,  insurance, stocks, bonds—and make it BIG!

If you—
Have a business or brand
Deal with clients
Are working on restoring yourself to Oneness

. . .you will benefit from digging deeper into Jupiter in Scorpio

How to Interpret Jupiter in Scorpio In Your Life

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd House

1. Generate a Natal and Transit Bi-Wheel
Find out which House or area of your life will benefit greatly from Jupiter in Scorpio by running your natal and transit chart for October 11, 2017 (the time Jupiter enters Scorpio regardless of time zone). Take note of the House where transiting Jupiter is.

Here's a guide on How to Generate a Natal & Transit Bi-Wheel

2. Interpret Jupiter in Scorpio in the _______ House

There are three keys to interpreting:

  • Know the key words, associations and archetypes of Jupiter, Scorpio, and _____ House
  • String them together
  • Infer on what can happen in your life

Key Words,  Associations and Archetypes


• I Magnify
• Expand your horizon
• Benevolence, luck, hope, abundance
• Big, growth, expansion, enthusiasm
• Idealism, beliefs, philosophy, spirituality
• Higher education, academe
• Long-distance travel, foreigners, culture, ethnic savory sojourns
• Mercy (in contrast to Saturn’s Severity)

• A desire for deep involvements and intense transformations

• A fixed water sign
All fixed signs represent a gathering of power while water represents our emotional body

Combine fixed + water and interpret
As a fixed water sign, Scorpio embodies tremendous emotional power that can be used constructively or destructively.  For example, events can happen in your life that will make you choose how to express Jupiter in Scorpio. You could become a passionate artist or a jealous lover of your work.

• Archetypes
The Mystic, The Alchemist, The Sorcerer, The Psychiatrist, The Detective, The Seductress

To interpret the qualities of Scorpio like a pro, comb thru the archetypes and think of the “positive” and “negative” qualities of each archetype

Positive = good or balanced qualities
Negative = bad or unbalanced qualities

Would you like to know more about Good, Bad and Balance?  Check out:

A Time for Balance
Is Positive What We Think It is

• Transformation, Death and Resurrection
To understand why Scorpio is associated with transformation, death and resurrection, let’s take a step back to Libra, the sign that precedes Scorpio.

Libra is the meeting of two equals.  Scorpio is the powerful Union—when two become One.  Two equals must give up their egotistic sense of self—let it die—so a powerful Union can arise.

• Scorpio rules—
Intimacy; money, possessions and debts of a partnership or family; inheritance; insurance
Deep analysis; intense activities; transformation; regeneration
Psychological exams; research
Pest control; getting rid of old things; death; resurrection
Volcanic activity

• Scorpio Symbolism
- Scorpio has three symbols: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix
- Scorpions crawl on the ground, and are prepared to sting and destroy when threatened
- Eagles share with scorpions the ability to strike at a moment’s notice; they soar above the ground, proud and free
- The Phoenix is the transformational symbol of Scorpio. It lives for 1,460 years; at the end of its life it will build a funeral pyre, consume itself in flames, and resurrect
- Scorpio’s emotional intensity is water surrounded by fire

THE 1st HOUSE self-image, identity, personality, physical body, appearance
THE 2nd HOUSE personal resources, wealth, self-worth
THE 3rd HOUSE learning & communication, siblings & neighbors, short travels
THE 4th HOUSE origin, home & family, traditions, the more nurturing parent
THE 5th HOUSE personal creations, self-expression, romance & love affairs, children

THE 6th HOUSE mundane activities, work, duty, service, health, small pets
THE 7th HOUSE important others, marriage & partnerships, balance
THE 8th HOUSE shared resources, power & transformation, sex, death & rebirth, esoteric matters
THE 9th HOUSE profound exploration & expedition, long travels, law, foreign countries & cultures
THE 10th HOUSE career & public image, structure, authority, discipline, the more controlling parent
THE 11th HOUSE goals, humanitarian expressions, groups & friends, community
THE 12th HOUSE spiritual activities, secrets, sorrows, shadows & enemies, prisons, asylums, escapism, dissolution, illusions, movies, music and other inspired works.



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