So Small Are We

That's a fair statement when we think Planets exist outside us.

But Planets—from the Sun to Pluto—also reside within us. They are like the apps inside your phone or gadget. On that note, we can also say "gee, we're pretty BIG."

Let's see if we can up-size our concept of Self.

In between lifetimes, we decide what we want to balance in our next lifetime. We walk up to this huge computer...most definitely, a mega-computer runs the Universe, I can't think of another way to run a Universe...and, we tell the computer exactly what we we want our next lifetime to be.

What the computer does is—it spits out a birth chart. "Here.  Enter Earth at exactly this time, day and place."

The same birth chart is issued to each of the Planets.  A birth chart is like a mission order which Planets follow to the tee. Planets race across the sky to conspire, align and combine their powers with precision—that is what triggers events in our life—to bring about the life we designed.

Planets do not trigger events whimsically; they trigger events because we ordered them to. That's how BIG we all are.


Yes, there is.  On Earth, you cannot choose when events will happen—you predetermined that before coming to Earth, but you can choose how you will experience an event as it happens and the outcome depending on your level of consciousness or vibe.

Imagine a stack of DVDs called "Your Life."

Each DVD in the stack represents a level of consciousness or vibe.

If you want to change your life, you will have to change your vibe.

If you are constantly in Blame-Shame-Guilt, the corresponding DVD will play and you will experience exactly that.

If you let go of heavy stuff, your level of consciousness or vibe will rise like a hot-air balloon. If you keep on letting go, you will get to the level or a state ofLove-Peace-Joy.

At Love-Peace-Joy, the corresponding DVD will play and you can expect to experience a life of Love-Peace-Joy.



Many wish we were sent to Earth with an operating manual so we need not grope in the dark trying to figure out life.

We have a manual. Each one of us has a unique one—our birth chart. Our birth chart tells us what we were thinking of before we jumped into Earth.

Knowing how to read our birth chart will bring us closer to understanding why we are what we are—our character, talents, weaknesses and warts, what our past was like, where we fell short, and how we plan to get back on track. Our birth chart will tell us where we hid our treasures and marks all the nasty pitfalls we could easily avoid.

Contrary to popular thought, Astrology does not claim the planets have a direct impact on individuals.

What Astrology does is uphold several Universal Laws, such as:

The Law of Divine Oneness.  We are part of a vast universe that follow the same cycles.

The Law of Synchronicity.  The same force that affects planets affect us.

The Law of Correspondences.  Since it can be difficult to see ourselves clearly, we can use the planets as mirrors, watch their movement, observe how they relate to one another, and draw correspondences to our lives.

In a nutshell, Astrology is the study of seasons and cycles, and how we move together with the planets.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.



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