How To Choose a Wedding Date ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY

Can you help me choose a wedding date?
I'll be glad to.   Come visit Electing Auspicious Dates.

Q: My cousin got married on January 16, 2016 at around 10 am.  You mentioned many factors come to play when picking the right time to get married. What is your impression?  

A (Rami): Here are my quick interpretations—

  • Moon Phase: Waxing phase is GOOD
  • Moon Sign: Aries is associated with war; thus, it is NOT GOOD
  • Ruler of the Day: Saturday is the LEAST AUSPICIOUS day to get married because it is ruled by Saturn known as the Greater Malefic.   The best days to wed are Fridays , Thursdays and Sundays ruled y Venus, Jupiter and the Sun respectively
  • Ruler of the Hour - Sun is GOOD

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