The Passage to New Earth FORECAST: 2017 AND BEYOND

The key themes for 2017 are:

  • Breaking away from outmoded structures
  • Finding balance
  • Cultivating inner-spiritual wisdom



Jupiter in Libra thru October
Jupiter, the Great Benefic, has the strongest voice thru October this year.  In Libra, it will deliver opportunities to learn balance within ourselves which will then reflect on our important relationships.  Engage in Inner Work, yoga and other practices that promote balance.



2017 Mercury Retrograde
Keep tab of the Mercury Rx cycles.   Other than the standard DO'S & DON'TS, Mercury Rx cycles are a time to rethink.

Write the dates and the guide questions below on your calendar or diary.


Rx on a doctor's pad originated from the Latin word "recipere" meaning "to take"

Rx Cycle 1: ended on Jan 8 (Capricorn)
How do I want to shape my career? What do I need to do?
What is my mission? How can I best perform my mission?

Rx Cycle 2: Apr 9 - May 3 (Taurus)
What is pleasurable?
What am I worth? What is my worth based on?

Rx Cycle 3: Aug 12 - Sept 5 (Virgo)
What do I need to maintain good health and well-being?
What service can I do that I enjoy and can get paid for?

Rx Cycle 4: Dec 3 - Dec 22 (Sagittarius)
Where do I want to travel? Which cities have I not seen?
What do I believe in?
What do I need to learn? How can I gain insight?


2017 Venus Retrograde in Aries, Mar 3 - Apr 14

Do not get married.  Avoid quarreling and being self-centered; walk a mile in your partner's shoes.

This is a time to act on what makes you happy. If you are not happy with your life, how can you be happy in a relationship? Happiness comes from within. Cultivate inner happiness.


2017 Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, April 6 - Aug 26
Do what is right and ethical or you could be called out. On the other hand, avoid self-righteousness when pointing out shortcomings and mistakes.  This is the stuff that push people and nations to the brink of war.


Other alignments in 2017 including eclipses will prepare the stage for what the Book of Revelations portends as the Fall of Babylon and the unveiling of New Jerusalem.

Late-2017 will drag the global economy to the ground; 2018-2019 will pin it down.

The contributing characters are:

  1. Game Changer Uranus will spend its final year in war-hungry Aries.  It will enter Taurus in May 2018 to tear down outmoded financial structures.
  2. Saturn, the Great Reaper, will sit on its throne in Capricorn beginning Dec 2017 thru 2020.


Humanity will come face to face with a question and dilemma: Who is the real king?

Who shall I pledge allegiance to? God or mammon? Humanity cannot serve both.

3. The choice will not be hard to make when Jupiter forms an alliance with Neptune, the Keeper of Oneness in Dec 2017.

4. In Jan 2020, Saturn will join transformative Pluto to usher a new age.


Oct 2016 - April 2020 will probably be the hardest 3.5 years Humanity will face since The Crash in 1929 followed by the Great Depression and war.

While the coming years sound ominous, it is the passage to New Earth



Resource: Download the 2017 Planet Retrograde Calendar