Got Your Goat

Jupiter Rx in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 
Aug 2017

We are approaching the third of three squares (90º) between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

* The first in Nov 2016 coincided with the U.S. presidential elections
* The second has begun and will peak on Mar 27 thru Mar 30, 2017
* The third will happen in Aug 2017

Jupiter in Libra will make sure we relate well with one another and try to resolve our disagreements, but what is percolating underneath like an overdue volcano (Pluto) is what we need to be aware of.

The tension we see happening in the world is also happening on a personal level. Pluto's influence is psychological and has everything to do with Power, or the lack of it—Force.

1. Before Jupiter-Pluto reaches its peak, take a step back from one-on-one relationships you are having difficulty with. Consider even the small struggles and friction you face each day that corrode your relationships with partners, children, parents, colleagues and strangers.

2. Examine what is getting your goat; no pun intended. It so happens Pluto is in Capricorn (a goat working his way up the mountain of life, career, success and honor; goat is a metaphor for one's state of peace).

It is likely the current situation is reminiscent of a past situation you have yet to come to terms with. On the Comments thread, you will find How-To resources to help you.

3. Weigh the consequences of not being aware of Pluto's grumblings. You could lose your goat and end up regretting things you should not have said or done.

4. We are all connected; whatever you do is shared with the rest of the world. Regain your peace if you want to see peace in the world.

This configuration between Jupiter and Pluto has not occurred since Jan 1934. In 1934, the young world witnessed the rise of Nazism with Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain.

That was then.

Today, we are much more informed. There are many resources we can turn to. We understand the consequences of not taking the road to peace.

Let history not repeat itself.

Always find a way to resolve matters even if there seems to be none.

Photo Credit: "Somebody Got Your Goat" by Eloise Schneider