Interview with Rami, Earther Rise resident astrologer

Q: What makes you passionate about Astrology?

My desire to see people live prosperously fuels my passion.

In the past, people would gaze at the night sky and listen to the rhythm of the Cosmos.

Nowadays, people think they have very little time in their hands to stop and listen; hence, poverty, strife and hardship.

If people wish to prosper, they must learn to listen to the rhythm of the Cosmos.  That is what Astrology is about.

Q: How long does it take for people to learn Astrology?

If you were to study on your own, it would take 2-4 years to reach an advanced level, and you would have to go thru tons of materials.  If you were to go to school, it would take about 6-8 months of full-day classes.

Q: I learned to read my birth chart in three hours!  Your teaching method is revolutionary—never heard of in the history of astrology.  How were you able to put your teaching method together?

I was looking for a new way to teach Astrology considering people believe they don't have time in their hands.

While watching a medieval film, I jumped out of bed and began writing the modules of Practical Astrology Simplified.  The essence of Houses and Rulership, and the different parts of a chart came alive.  Earther Rise Astrology classes and teaching method, and most of the articles I have written were downloaded from the Akashic Records.   Patience and experience are the only things I can take credit for.

Never has learning Astrology been so easy and concise


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If you want to learn all the techniques I use, come and join classes.

The foundational class is Practical Astrology Simplified, a prerequisite to Life in Transit and other classes.







When is the best time to request a reading?

Most of my clients request a Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead 3-4 months before their birthdays each year. Check out this article: WHY I FLEW TO TOKYO ON MY BIRTHDAY