Be Your Own Witness

When someone does something to hurt you or a situation is tearing you apart, the first thing you do is write down your accusations, look in the mirror, and be your own witness.

Get a piece of paper and write down all your accusations.

He is ____________.
She is ___________.
This situation is ________. . . .  Read more

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Be The Third Way

Manila - May 6 was a very Precarious Monday.  When the day ended in the Philippines, 44 vehicular mishaps had happened along Manila’s main thoroughfares.

What caused this?  Are we under the mercy of planetary alignments?  Will thinking positive thoughts keep me safe?  

It is not enough that we "think positive" and try to attract good for ourselves.  There is a world around us. . . .  Read more

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The Big Brother Principle

Manila, April 29, 2019 - When Saturn is retrograde, make sure to FOLLOW RULES or you could get yourself into big trouble.  Do what is right.

Sometimes, what is right is not always apparent or clearly spelled out.  There are grey areas.  When in doubt, pretend to be an older brother or sister to others.

Within ancient Near East culture, the term "firstborn" anoints the eldest son with special privileges and responsibilities. He was second to his father and had authority over his younger siblings. He was entitled to a firstborn’s birthright—a double portion of the estate and eventual leadership of the family. . . .  Read more

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Why the Young are Always Online

MANILA, April 7, 2019 - Older generations are bothered by the young being stuck online, preferring virtual rather than in-person connections.

The simple truth is, the younger generations have an important job.  Their job is to open the fifth and sixth dimensions.

Many, many years ago, humans were aware of only three dimensions of space—length, height and depth.  There was no concept of time.  By observing heavenly bodies, humans began to understand the concept of time, and a fourth dimension opened up. . . .  Read more

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Ultimate Guide to Pluto in 22°

Manila, March 16, 2019 - Pluto entered 22° Capricorn on February 13, 2019.  The period between February 13, 2019 thru January 2020 will be a very painful, precarious, and challenging time for everyone,  most especially those who have natal planets or points at 22°.

If you have a natal planet or point in 22°, learn as much as you can about Pluto in 22°.

Pluto transforms anything it touches.  It is responsible for staging rites of passages in our lives. . . .  Read more

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Fly Me to the Moon

MANILA, February 25, 2019 -  Check where the Moon is.  Let her sign tell you what you can do to stay in the groove.

You're definitely in the groove when you intuitively know the Moon's mood.  Life feels so good.

If what you've been doing hardly matches what the Moon is saying,  a curve ball is coming your way that could knock you out of the groove.  From then on, its a downward spiral. . . .  Read more

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Oh Venus, How Can I Attract ‘The One’

1. Draw the person of your dreams during the New Moon or when a waxing Moon is in Taurus or Libra; stick drawing will do. Write the qualities you want in a partner. Keep your drawing.

2. Amass Inner Love. Everyone is looking for love. So, cultivate it. Inner Love can be very, very sexy.

3. Erase Jerry Maguire's "you complete me" from your list of one-liners. . . .  Read more

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How To Choose a Wedding Date

Can you help me choose a wedding date?
I'll be glad to.   Come visit Electing Auspicious Dates.

Q: My cousin got married on January 16, 2016 at around 10 am.  You mentioned many factors come to play when picking the right time to get married. What is your impression?  

A (Rami): Here are my quick interpretations—

  • Moon Phase: Waxing phase is GOOD
  • Moon Sign: Aries is associated with war; thus, it is NOT GOOD
  • Ruler of the Day: Saturday is the LEAST AUSPICIOUS day to get married because it is ruled by Saturn known as the Greater Malefic.   The best days to wed are Fridays , Thursdays and Sundays ruled y Venus, Jupiter and the Sun respectively
  • Ruler of the Hour - Sun is GOOD

 . . .  Read more

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My 7th House of Marriage is Empty

Q: I ran my birth chart and noticed my 7th House of marriage is empty.  Does that mean I won't get married? 

A (Rami): In Classical Astrology, only seven out of 10 Planets rule—The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Since there are 12 houses, all birth charts will have at least two empty houses.

Click here to generate your free birth chart. . . .  Read more

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This Is How To Love Me

Loving is not just about hearts, flowers and candlelight kisses.

It is about creating space that allows each other to “do their own thing”—things that make us feel embraced, wrapped in a blanket, safe and emotionally secure.

After I spent what felt like eternity drowning, . . .  Read more

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