How to Elect the Best Time for Surgery MEDICAL ASTROLOGY


Time the surgery to begin and end within—

5 days before to 30 minutes after the New Moon

THE MOON. The Moon affects blood flow.  People do not hemorrhage as much, bruise less, and swell less during Last Quarter Moon to New Moon vs. Full Moon to Last Quarter Moon.

AVOID timing surgery 30 minutes to 36 hours after New Moon.   If the patient is to remain conscious during the procedure, he (and the surgeon) will be more tense and anxious; best to avoid.

Technical Note: *Beginning of Combust (within 8° degrees of the Sun) to end of Under Beams (within 17° of the Sun)

In order of priority, AVOID:

1 Mercury Retrograde (including 7 days before and after Shadow period)

Lab reports could be misread, wrong tests administered, redo surgery etc.

Download: Planet Retrograde Calendar

2 Mars retrograde (including 7 days before and after Shadow period)

Mars rules muscles, red blood cells, vitality, energy reserves, and the surgeon!

- Profuse bleeding is possible so make sure blood is available
- Infection and inflammation is highly possible after surgery
- Recovery time will be longer than usual

3 Moon Void-of-Course

Do not schedule surgery three hours before to three hours after the Moon goes VOC; it can be a chaotic or confusing time.

Any transiting planet turning retrograde or direct on the day of the surgery. Situations could happen depending on the planet.

Mercury: Nerve-related problem
Venus: Vein-related problem
Mars: Unexpected hemorrhage
Jupiter: Massive swelling
Saturn: Bone infection
Uranus: Problems with electrical equipment in the operating theater
Neptune: Patient could pick up bacteria or virus in an unusual and unaccountable way
Pluto: Die on the table, resurrected, die and hopefully resurrected again

5 When the Moon is in the Zodiac sign ruling the organ or body system, and when the Moon is in the opposite sign

1 - Aries – head, face, brain, eyes
2 - Taurus – throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
3 - Gemini – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain
4 - Cancer – chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
5 - Leo – heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
6 - Virgo – digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system

Opposite Signs:
1 - Libra – kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
2 - Scorpio – reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
3 - Sagittarius – hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
4 - Capricorn – knees, joints, skeletal system
5 - Aquarius – ankles, calves, circulatory system
6 - Pisces – feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue

For example, if you must go in for knee surgery, avoid when the Moon is in Capricorn. If possible, also avoid dates when the Moon is in the opposite sign. Cancer is opposite Capricorn. So, for knee surgery, avoid Moon in Cancer as well.

Timing Refinements

1 Fixed, Cardinal and Mutable Signs

Mutable – For exploratory surgery
Fixed – For delicate procedures such as cataract or laser eye surgery
Cardinal – The procedure will be FAST!

2 Avoid hard aspects between transiting Moon and natal Sun, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto

3 Transiting Moon conjunct, sextile or trine natal Venus or Jupiter work well and promises good outcome.

For cosmetic surgery, avoid:

- Moon in Aries and Libra
- Transiting Moon conjunct natal Venus
- Moon in hard aspects to other natal planets.

Recommended Apps
Hours and iLuna for iPhone and Android; download through Lunar Calendars are also available.

Anatomical Zodiac Man from “Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry,” a 15th century illustrated book

- Medical Astrology by Eileen Nauman
- The Lunar Nodes in Medical Astrology by Diane L. Cramer
- Astro-Diagnosis: A Guide to Healing by Max Haeindel
- Traditional Medical Astrology by Oscar Hofman


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