Be Your Own Witness

When someone does something to hurt you or a situation is tearing you apart, the first thing you do is write down your accusations, look in the mirror, and be your own witness.

Get a piece of paper and write down all your accusations.

He is ____________.
She is ___________.
This situation is ________.

Do not stop until you have enumerated everything you hate and disapprove of.


Consider this—
Is it possible persons or situations are doing you a favor by mirroring back parts of you that you have rejected?

Mirrors show:

  • Who you are
  • Who you were in previous lifetimes
  • What you resist or lack
  • What you have compromised in exchange for something you thought was more important
  • What your expectations of yourself, others and God are
  • What you think their expectations are
  • Karmic and generational patterns

Guide Questions: 

  • Which part of me is exactly like this? Go thru each of the accusations you wrote.
  • How do I feel? What event in the past reminds me of this feeling?
  • Where do I resist this in my life?
  • Where do I fear this in my life?
  • Who do I admire for being the opposite?
  • Where do I fear the opposite not materializing in my life?
  • Where have I lost or compromised this in myself?
  • Where have I lost or compromised parts of myself to have this in my life?
  • Am I meeting my expectations?
  • Am I meeting what I believe are the expectations of—
    • My parents/family/loved ones
    • Society
    • God
  • Are these expectations true?
  • Are they living up to my expectations? What is the root of my expectations?
  • Are people in my family like this or lacking this characteristic?
  • Can I remember a specific incident in the past related to this?
  • Does something about this scare me?
  • Is there something I am refusing to surrender?
  • Is there something I am refusing to accept?
  • Is this something a loved one and I always seem out of sync on (e.g. only one of us seems to have good money flowing at a time; never both)?
  • What good does this bring?
  • How can I balance this?
  • Why did I choose this experience?


In court, there are two witnesses and witnesses are truthful.

When God looks in the mirror, what does He see?

What do you see?  If you see your child crying, what will you do? How does a responsible and mature parent deal with the fears and pain of a child?

Journal your responses.

The process of witnessing is the first step towards realizing:

  • I AM you; you are me.
  • What I do to you, I do to me
  • There are parts of me I thought I could get rid off
  • Until I learn to love and be a responsible parent to the child-like parts of me, these parts will keep on calling my attention by projecting themselves on people and situations

As you keep on doing this exercise, I hope—

  • Love for yourself will grow and grow and grow
  • You begin experiencing peace in your life, until one day nothing can ever disturb your peace
  • Your health, relationships and finances improve

People and situations will change like magic without you having to do anything other than learn to love yourself—each and every part.

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