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So Small Are We

That's a fair statement when we think Planets exist outside us.

But Planets—from the Sun to Pluto—also reside within us. They are like the apps inside your phone or gadget. On that note, we can also say "gee, we're pretty BIG."

Let's see if we can up-size our concept of Self. . . .  Read more

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How Will I Meet “The One”


It's easy to tell if you are familiar with your birth chart.

of the 7th House.  Look at the Zodiac sign on the cusp of the 7th House to identify the ruler.

2. LOCATE THE RULER of the 7th House in your chart.  The House where the Ruler rests will tell you how or where you will meet "The One." . . .  Read more

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Return to Eden

We sometimes wish the world was all good and beautiful.  But think how hard it would be to appreciate someone’s love or how precious of a gift kindness is if we have never been the object of harshness.

Such was our problem in Eden.

The only way we can appreciate the gifts in the garden such as happiness, love, and peace is to know its opposites.

We return to Eden the very moment we understand why we left.

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How to Write New Moon Wishes

Manila, April 26, 2019 -  New Moons usher new beginnings.  Choose a new path.  On the day of a New Moon, plant new seeds by writing WISHES.

1. Handwrite 3-10 wishes in a notebook.

At the top of the page, draw the Moon and write: . . .  Read more

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