Cazimi, A Manifestation Secret

Manila, April 17, 2019

I want money. I want a new car. I want a new house.
I want to be loved. I want to feel safe.
I want.

We look outside ourselves for the things we want. Understandably so, because from the time we were born, we relied mostly on our parents and guardians to provide for us.

As we mature, we need to wean ourselves from the outside world, journey inward, find our Self, and uncover its greatness.

We must learn to turn to our “Self” to give us the things we want. What is this “Self?”

Be the God you wish would show up, when you want something.

Here’s a practical exercise called “Cazimi” that you can add to your daily practice to manifest the things you want.

Cazimi is a Mediaval term. It means, “in the heart of.”

1. Whatever it is you WANT TO MANIFEST, place it inside your heart.

If you want a new car, place the essence of the car inside your heart. If you want to be loved, love yourself first. Close your eyes. Go deep into the center of your heart.

Keep doing the exercise until what you want manifests in the outside world.

2. Whatever it is you WANT TO CHANGE, do not try to change it.  Place it inside your heart.  

For example, it was very hot the other day. Instead of wanting to change the “hot day,” I placed “hot day” in my heart. After ten seconds, the clouds began to move and covered the sun.

It was also traffic. There was construction on the road about 800 meters away. Instead of grumbling and wishing traffic away, I placed the essence of “traffic” inside my heart and embraced it. In about ten seconds, the cars in front began switching to other lanes. I was able to pass.

Do not try to change things. If you do, you will continue to hate or push away, which brings about more things for you to hate or push away.

See Comments to know more about Essence.

Any planet within 17' (minutes of arc) from the Sun is said to be “Cazimi” or “in the heart” of the Sun. This is the highest form of accidental dignity (in contrast to essential dignity). The average speed of the Moon is such that it remains Cazimi for about an hour—half an hour before and half an hour after the time of the New Moon.

The Moon travels roughly:
• One degree (1°) every 2 hours in real time
• Half a degree or 30’ (minutes of arc) every hour in real time
• 15’ (minutes of arc) every 30 minutes in real time

Do not time events during Cazimi if the Moon is moving to a bad aspect.