How To Choose a Wedding Date

Can you help me choose a wedding date?
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Q: My cousin got married on January 16, 2016 at around 10 am.  You mentioned many factors come to play when picking the right time to get married. What is your impression?


A (Rami): Here are my quick interpretations—

  • Moon Phase: Waxing phase is GOOD
  • Moon Sign: Aries is associated with war; thus, it is NOT GOOD
  • Ruler of the Day: Saturday is the LEAST AUSPICIOUS day to get married because it is ruled by Saturn known as the Greater Malefic.   The best days to wed are Fridays , Thursdays and Sundays ruled y Venus, Jupiter and the Sun respectively
  • Ruler of the Hour - Sun is GOOD


Choosing a wedding date can be very challenging.   Other than the Moon phase and sign, the Ruler of the day and hour, what the groom wants, what the bride wants...

There are 14 rules to consider when choosing a date, and another eight rules when choosing the time.   That's a total of 22 rules!

Out of the 22 rules, I will feature nine of them vis-a-vis your cousin's wedding date.


WEDDING DATE: January 16, 2016 at 10 am


1. No Venus Rx!

GOOD. Venus will not turn Rx in 2016.  The next Venus Rx cycle will begin in March 2017.   When choosing a date, stay clear of Shadow Periods (before and after Rx Period).

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2. Moon must NOT be void-of-course

GOOD. Moon is not VOC.


3.  The final aspect of the Moon before going void-of-course should be good


This is a very important rule. The final aspect determines the outcome of the marriage.

The Moon's final aspect before entering Taurus is a square with Neptune.  Like all Planets, Neptune has its dark and light side. Neptune is:
• Enlightenment or delusion
• Oneness or lack of boundaries
• Nirvana or confusion
• Compassion or being taken advantage of

A square means tense, challenging, friction, and discomfort prompting change

4. Mercury should not be retrograde

NOT GOOD. Mercury is Rx.

5. Avoid Moon in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, unless well-aspected

NOT GOOD.  Moon is applying to a square with Pluto.

6. Avoid Venus in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio, unless very well-aspected

QUITE GOOD.  Venus in 20° Sag is somehow dignified by Day (pertaining to Essential Dignities)

7. Ruler of the 1st House MUST NOT be in hard aspect to the Ruler of 7th House

GOOD. It is not.

8. Keep Uranus out of 7th House and away from an adverse applying aspect with the Ruler of 7th House, Venus or a Planet in the 7th House

GOOD.  Mercury, Ruler of the 7th House, is separating from a Uranus square.

9. Fixed Ascendant is desirable

NOT DESIRABLE. The ASC is in Pisces, a mutable sign.

1. Most people who come for a reading regarding their marriage do not know the exact time they exchanged vows; thus, one of the best things you can do when attending a wedding is jot down on a linen card the the exact time the couple exchanged vows, and give the card to the couple.



Can you help me choose a wedding date?

I'll be glad to.   Come visit Electing Auspicious Dates.





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