How to Define a Generation

What defines a generation? There is no single way to define when a generation begins and ends.

In Western Astrology, a generation is defined by Pluto which stays in a sign for 13-21 years.  For example, those born in 1995 to 2008 when Pluto was in Sagittarius are Millennials.

The overlaps you see mark periods when Pluto turned retrograde, and took a step back to the previous sign.

Pluto also defines the characteristics shared by a cohort of people. For example, my mother is a Baby-Boomer (Pluto in Leo).  Like most Boomers I know, she is heavy on family pride and honor.  She takes a lot of pride in her children and creative expressions. That's very Leo.

What Gen are you?

1. If you want to further subdivide a generation, use Neptune followed by Uranus as markers.
2. Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years; and Uranus for about seven years

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