Think Like Karma

In Astrology, Saturn is the agent of Karma.

Karma is a great teacher with a bag of lessons.  When faced with a challenge, dead end, setback or road block in life . . . PAUSE.   Take a deep breath.

Think like Karma. . . .  Read more

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Is Positive What We Think It is

Manila—It used to be common to think positive and negative are opposite sides of a pole—positive is “good,” negative is “bad.”


The winning card—Balance—was recently thrown at the center of our collective consciousness. . . .  Read more

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Do You Want Power

Do you want power?

“I don’t know.  I just want my life to improve.”

If you want your life to improve, you must have  Power.

Many think they have power, but all they can really assemble is force.

Every minute, somewhere in the world, cities and people are taken by force thru airplanes, armaments, bombings and bloodshed.

Force requires tremendous effort.  On the other hand, power is effortless. . . .  Read more

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