When Karma Shows Up

Manila, May 30, 2019 - The Moon, your Inner Child, is a safety deposit box where your memories are stored since the beginning of time.

The Lunar Nodes are THE ARMS of your Inner Child reaching back in time (South Node) and pointing ahead (North Node). When the Lunar Nodes receive hard aspects from transiting Planets, they gather and feed the information to the Moon, and the person feels emotional. The emotional tug in the heart area simply means, check on your Inner Child if you haven’t been doing so.

The line connecting the North and South Nodes is a KARMIC HIGHWAY for Karma’s use. . . .  Read more

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Think Like Karma

In Astrology, Saturn is the agent of Karma.

Karma is a great teacher with a bag of lessons.  When faced with a challenge, dead end, setback or road block in life . . . PAUSE.   Take a deep breath.

Think like Karma. . . .  Read more

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Mirror, Mirror…Karma and Revalida

I suggested to a friend who was always fighting with her mother—what if she was you in a past life?

"No way! I am not like her!"

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