The Enemy & The Sleepy

Has anyone opposed you?  Have you ever been confronted or accused ?


An enemy is a belief someone or something is against me.

Let's dissect this enemy.  I am facing an "enemy" when:

  • My first inclination is:
    • To take control
    • To run away
    • To be right
    • To render the enemy wrong
  • I resist change
  • Someone or something is holding my well-being hostage


  1. REMEMBER. An enemy is a reflection of my belief that someone or something is against me.  That belief is not true.
  2. BREATHE. Take a deep breath and return to your center.  Being confronted by an enemy often feels like being caught in a storm.  Taking a deep breath transports me to the eye of the storm where I can see my enemy clearly, and not feel crushed or defeated.
  3. SEE CLEARLY. See the enemy for what it is.  An enemy is a mirror reflection.  It reflects a part "in me" that is asleep or not present.  If all parts of me were awake and present,  I would not be intimidated or threatened.  It is this "missing" piece or a sense of un-wholeness that makes me feel weak, uneasy, unprotected or overwhelmed.  Not the enemy.

What part of me needs to wake up so I can face the person or situation without feeling threatened?

Zero-in on that part.

Some Common Sleepy Parts: Boundaries, Courage, Dignity, Generosity, Patience, Respect, Responsibility, Righteousness, Simplicity, Trust, Truth, and Worth.

The enemy is not the issue.  The real issue, which is easier to manage, is the sleepy part that  needs to awaken so I can better relate with the enemy.  Wake up, sleepy part!

FOR EXAMPLE, when I reawaken RESPECT, the enemy's display of disrespect will no longer have a hold on me.

  1. THANK & BLESS. Silently thank and bless the enemy. Thank the enemy for being a mirror. By playing the part, I am fully awake, present and whole.  Blessing has several functions:
  • It dismantles my false belief the enemy is against me
  • It places me in the protective custody of Love-God
  • It endows the enemy with a renewed capacity to do good or be the source of good
  1. LOVE & RIGHTEOUSNESS. Come from Love, Do What Is Right.

When I recognize the enemy for what it represents, and when all parts of me are awake and present, I restore myself to Oneness.

I can now choose to come from Love and Power rather than from fear and strife—and do what is right.

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