The Straightforward Guide to Buying Bitcoins

Load your digital wallet with cash to buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin exchange

Step 1 - The first thing to do is find a digital wallet and a Bitcoin exchange you can trust.

Some companies combine the two functions in one app.

The digital wallet and Bitcoin  exchange I used to buy Bitcoin in Manila is  If you are based elsewhere, review digital wallets and Bitcoin exchanges in your locale.

What is is a secure digital wallet that lets me buy and sell Bitcoin, send money to friends, pay my bills, buy mobile prepaid load, and more.

Create your wallet here:

That's a referral link.  You'll get 50 pesos when you create a wallet; I'll get 50 pesos too.

Here are the next steps using as digital wallet and Bitcoin exchange:

Step 2 - Click "Cash in" to view your options for transferring your money to   I transferred my money to thru 7-Eleven; the transaction fee is minimal.

Step 3 - Click "Convert" to buy Bitcoin.

Step 4 - To check the movement of Bitcoin over the past six months, click "All" then "Bitcoin Price."


1. Watch "Banking on Bitcoin" on Netflix
2. Keep abreast with cryptocurrency news
3. IMPORTANT: Consider transferring your Bitcoin to a digital wallet independent from the Bitcoin exchange you used to buy Bitcoin.

Get a feel for buying Bitcoin.  

Click the Bitcoin below to create your first digital wallet


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