Why I Flew to Tokyo on My Birthday

Each year, the Sun returns to the same position it was in when you were born.   A chart can be drawn to forecast the year ahead.

Birthday Relocation: A Certain Place and Time

There are certain places where you can spend your birthday each year to help you achieve certain goals, resolve issues, and improve your situation.

The exact time is no more than 24 hours before or after your birthday.  You must plan on arriving at least a few hours earlier to cover travel delays.

After which, you may leave the place and travel onward.

I AM MY OWN ASTROLOGER so I followed my advice and flew to Tokyo on my birthday.  I booked a turn-around flight, arrived in Tokyo at 6:00 am, ate ramen, and flew back in the evening.  If I didn’t have commitments lined up, I would have stayed longer.


Is there a specific time I should relocate on my birthday?

Yes, the specific time is when the Sun returns to the same position it was in when you were born.

That is a single point in time each year regardless where you are in the world.  It is the local time that varies.  For example, 5:00 am in Manila is 6:00 a.m. in Tokyo.


How do you determine where to relocate?

When a client comes to me for a Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead, I ask the person to provide specific information, such as:

  • Name as it appears on your birth certificate
  • Birth date, time and place (check your birth certificate)
  • Three goals or areas of life you are most concerned with (it can be general or specific)
  • The city where you spent your most recent birthday
  • Birthday Relocation: Are you open to traveling on the week of your upcoming birthday to meet your goals or improve your situation?  If yes, which regions of the world (e.g., Southeast Asia only, Asia and Europe, United States and Canada, etc.)?
  • The city where you currently reside


I run several charts to determine the exact time and to identify 1-3 birthday relocation options for the client.

Once the client makes a choice, I write the Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead which is about 9-25 pages long.  After which and if needed, the client may schedule a one-hour consultation with me.


What if I can’t relocate on my birthday?

You do not need to relocate each year.  Staying put could be good for you.

Birthday relocation will depend on your goals or the issues you need to resolve.   Your set of goals will change over time.

If it will be beneficial for you to travel but you can't for one reason or another, I will let you know what to expect and what you can do to ace the year.

There are times I encourage clients not to relocate, and to meet life’s challenges head on with the proper know-how and tools which I share when I do the full write-up or during consultation.

The only time I highly recommend relocation is when I spot a potential health-concern in the client’s chart especially if the person is a senior citizen.


Can relocating help me find a new job and earn more money?  How about for love?

Relocating on your birthday can open doors for you.  You will find yourself always at the right place and time.  Issues get resolved quickly, and things fall into place like magic.

But you will have to do your part.


Farm out your resume.  Direct active and passive income streams to flow thru you.  Meet new people.  Go out on dates.  Maintain a high vibe.


When is the best time to request a reading?

Most of my clients request a Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead 3-4 months before their birthdays each year so they have sufficient time to plan their travel.


If you want to learn all the techniques I use, come and join classes.

The foundational class is Practical Astrology Simplified, which is a prerequisite to Relocation Astrology & The Year Ahead.