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☉ I CREATE & EXPRESS.  The Sun shows WHAT you truly are deep inside

Focus, ego, identity, creativity, self-expression, strength, courage, warmth

☽ I FEEL SAFE & SECURE. The Moon shows how you respond emotionally and express how you feel

Subconscious mind, emotions, intuition, reflection, mothers and mothering, nurturing, nourishing, home, family, comfort, security, safety, privacy, habits

The public (for Mundane Astrology), retailing or brisk sales

☿ I THINK, LEARN & COMMUNICATE.  Mercury shows how you think, learn and communicate

Conscious mind, mental, communication both written & verbal, short distance travel, thinking, learning, listening, skills, ideas, conversation, perception, gossip, relationships with siblings and neighbors, hands, dexterity
♀  I LOVE & VALUE.  Venus shows how you love and what you love

Love, partners, beauty, material possessions, balance, flirtation, attraction, woman, indulgence, pleasure, affection, complements, compliments,

I ACT.  Mars defines the strategy you use to get what you want

Action, ambition, initiative, drive, energy, war, anger, aggression, competition, courage,
sexuality, man



♃ I MAGNIFY.  Jupiter encourages you to expand your horizon

Magnify, big, expand, enthusiasm, hope, luck, abundance, idealism, beliefs, philosophy, spirituality, long-distance travel, foreigners, culture

♄ I ACHIEVE.  Saturn crafts the boundaries, structures, limitations and restrictions you encounter

Discipline, structure, boundaries, limits, expertise, authority, parent (usually the more
controlling one), business & financial institutions, career, maturity, mastery, wisdom



 ⚷ I HEAL.  Chiron brings healing

Hurt, healing, childhood emotional scars



♅ I EVOLVE.  Uranus provokes you to tear down outmoded structures and replace them with innovative ones

Unexpected, sudden, shakeup, rebellion, Aquarius-spirit
Awakening, invention, originality, science, future, revolution, natural disasters
♆ I MERGE. Neptune, like a fog, envelopes you to transcend and be One with others

Pisces-spirit, illusion, delusion, no boundaries, enlightenment, inspiration, ability to download from the collective consciousness, dreams, prisons, institutions, spirituality, Oneness,

Spirituality, compassion, unconditional love, empathy, art, psychic sensitivity, dissolution

♇ I TRANSFORM.  Pluto transforms, cleanses with the fire of Spirit, strengthens, and prepares your soul for its ultimate role—to embody pure light.  Pure light is so powerful that anything less than a vessel of integrity will shatter to pieces. 

Scorpio-spirit, transformation, upheaval, sex, passion, death, taxes, inheritance, nuclear energy, psychology, soul mates, power, control, obsession, dictatorship, regeneration and degeneration



☊  The North Node
represents your willingness to take risks, and venture into unknown territory.  tThe North will introduce you to people and situations related to the House that will help you progress in your life

 The South Node is the old and familiar where you know you can easily succeed and be safe; you eventually stagnate if you remain. tSouth Node will bring up issues from the past related to the concerns of the House.

Part of Fortune
marks the area of  your life where you will always encounter good fortune.



Aries: The desire to express independence and individuality
Taurus: The desire to be resourceful and prosperous, and to feel worthy
Gemini: The desire to establish contact with others through wit and eloquence
Cancer: The desire to nurture, and to give and receive emotional security
Leo: The desire to express creatively and be recognized
Virgo: The desire to analyze, discriminate and function efficiently
Libra: The desire to relate to others, and create harmony and balance
Scorpio: The desire for deep involvements and intense transformations
Sagittarius: The desire to explore and expand mental, philosophical, spiritual and physical horizons
Capricorn: The desire for structure, organization and discipline
Aquarius: The desire to innovate, be original, and create better societal structures
Pisces: The desire to tap into the collective consciousness and be One with all

Walking on the Ring by Olivia aliviO


♈ Aries — The Warrior

♉ Taurus  — The Banker,

Gemini — The Messenger

Cancer — The Mother

Leo — The Actor

♍ Virgo  — The Accountant

Libra — The Diplomat

Scorpio — The Sorcerer

Sagittarius — The Traveler

Capricorn — The CEO

Aquarius — The Visionary

 Pisces  — The Enlightened



THE 1st HOUSE self-image, identity, personality, physical body, appearance

THE 2nd HOUSE personal resources, wealth, self-worth

THE 3rd HOUSE learning & communication, siblings & neighbors, short travels

THE 4th HOUSE origin, home & family, traditions, the more nurturing parent                                                       

THE 5th HOUSE personal creations, self-expression, romance & love affairs, children

THE 6th HOUSE mundane activities, work, duty, service, health, small pets

THE 7th HOUSE important others, marriage & partnerships, balance

THE 8th HOUSE shared resources, power & transformation, sex, death & rebirth, esoteric matters

THE 9th HOUSE profound exploration & expedition, long travels, law, foreign countries & cultures

THE 10th HOUSE career & public image, structure, authority, discipline, the more controlling parent

THE 11th HOUSE goals, humanitarian expressions, groups & friends, community

THE 12th HOUSE spiritual activities, secrets, sorrows, shadows & enemies, prisons, asylums, escapism,

dissolution, illusions, movies, music and other inspired works.



Conjunction BLENDING

power, emphasis

Sometimes blends well like coffee and milk; other times not so well like oil and vinegar
Semi-sextile RESOURCES Resources manifest
Sextile OPPORTUNITY Matters run smoothly

obstacles, stress challenges

Demands action; like a cattle prod

harmony, benefit

Woven into the fabric of your life rather than dumped on you
Inconjunct or




Mimics an opposition but there is no middle ground or compromise; just accept and make the necessary changes
Opposition AWARENESS
choice, conflict
Balance is suggested

Featured Image: Digital collage by Julia Geiser

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