Q: Things have been so bad at work this week. What is happening?

A (Rami): What you are experiencing is payment of a karmic debt concerning how you communicate and how you arrive at decisions.  If problems at work began three days ago, keep your head above water for the next three days.

1. This particular transit does not apply to everyone.
2. Virgo is on the cusp of natal 10th House of Career.  Mercury rules Virgo.   
You will find Mercury in the 1st House of the natal chart (see inner chart).
3. On October 20, 2017, repository and carrier of bad karma Black Moon Lilith was in partile aspect with natal Mercury (rules communication and decision-making).
Here are things you can do—
1. Pause and take a deep breath
2. Examine the events that transpired, and identify what you need to learn or balance.
3. If you have wronged someone
  • Sincerely ask forgiveness
  • Take steps to correct your mistake
  • Make things right to the other person
  • Find ways to restore your relationship
4. If you have wronged someone, you have wronged the God in you.  Ask forgiveness, correct your mistake, set things right, and reestablish your relationship.
5. Embrace yourself until the stress, pain, blame, shame and guilt dissolves.  Do not rush this part.  If you need to take a whole day off, do so.

6. Once all the stress, pain, blame, shame and guilt dissolves, turn around and examine the face of the Embracer.  Whose face do you see?


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Jumpstarting Oneness Restoration


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Rami’s approach is cutting edge, simplified, and organized in such a way that anyone could learn their chart.  It’s empowering and I am grateful for this training. Rami is an amazing astrologer!

ToniAnn Hanna
Rhode Island

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Finding Lilith

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When is the best time to request a reading?

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