Finding Lilith


In Jewish mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam.   She was designated to be his companion; however, there was nothing they could both agree on.

In Adam's attempt to mate with Lilith, he demanded she lay beneath him. Lilith refused and said, "You cannot dominate me."  In fact, Lilith wanted to dominate Adam.

Adam replied that he, the "image" of the Creator, will not allow Lilith who was like the beasts in the field to dominate him.  She was created to be his helper, he insisted.

Scholars identified the woman on this terracotta plaque, called the Burney Relief, as the Babylonian demoness Lilith.

Lilith went straight to the Creator, and used her powers of seduction upon Him.  The Creator was lulled into revealing His sacred name to her.  She pronounced His sacred name, and fled from the garden and from Adam forever.

She took shelter in a cave on the shore of the Red Sea where she took in the demons of the world as her lovers, and spawned thousands of demon children.   This was how the world became populated with demons, and how Lilith became known as the mother of demons.

Adam, meanwhile, regretted wishing Lilith away.  He went to the Creator and pleaded her return.  The Creator agreed and dispatched three angels to retrieve Lilith.

The three angels—Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangeloph—found Lilith in her cave and demanded she return to Adam.   If she refused, they would slay one hundred of her demon children each day.

Lilith exclaimed even this fate was better than returning to Eden and submitting to Adam.  As the angels carried out their threat, Lilith decreed she would slay the children of Adam.  She swore to attack their mothers during childbirth.  She also vowed to attack men in their sleep by stealing their semen so she could give birth to more demon children to replace those slain each day.  However, even Lilith was not without reason. She made one last decree—wherever she saw the names of the three Angels who opposed her, no one in that place would be harmed by her actions.

That is the story of Lilith...but the story does not end there.

Before I continue the story, let's go find Lilith in your birth chart.

1. Click here to generate a free birth chart.  Under "Additional Objects," select Lilith.
2. Locate Lilith (also known as Black Moon Lilith) in your chart. The glyph of Lilith is a crescent with a cross underneath


Black Moon Lilith is the Moon’s apogee (or the point farthest from Earth); when triggered, it brings out the raw, and unapologetic part of our psyche.  It is usually triggered by the incompetence we see in others or by our incompetence.

Black Moon Lilith, the Lunar Apogee

• Lilith is the primordial female or the prototype of your subconscious mind

• Lilith is our defiant, dark side that refuses to be held down when subjected to blame, shame, and guilt

• Lilith surfaces when you are filled with rage and have lost all reason to the point of saying, "I don't care! I  will do what I want to do!"

• Lilith in your chart describes how you act to the point of hurting others when you are not conscious of what you are doing or saying

On the other hand, the White Moon is the Moon’s perigee (or the point closest to Earth); when triggered, it brings forth either an overload of emotions or the bright side of our emotions such as a "sigh of relief."

Interpreting Lilith by Sign and House

1. See INTERPRETATION GUIDE: Planets, Signs & Houses in Astrology

2. Interpreting by House: The area of your life where you will encounter blame, shame and guilt on your path to Oneness Restoration.

3. Interpreting by Sign: How you will express Lilith

Advanced Technique for Interpreting by Sign: Select an archetype associated with the Zodiac sign, and think of the unbalanced expressions of the archetype.

Up Next PART II:
Lilith, Eve and The Shekinah

Lilith, Eve and The Shekinah


1. In Astrology, "Lilith" could refer to:

• The Black Moon or lunar apogee
• The Dark Moon, a hypothetical cloud of dust or Earth's second Moon
• The Asteroid Lilith, part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
• Fixed star Algol; Hebrew star watchers refer to Algol as "Lilith"


2.’s Lilith is Black Moon Lilith; although there is a way to select Dark Moon and Asteroid Lilith.

3. Black Moon Lilith has a mean and true position.'s default is the mean position.

4. Advanced Technique:  Lilith in Transit delivers karmic debt

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