Enlightenment: The One Thing I Wish I Was Told

The one thing I wish I was told on the road to Enlightenment is:

“Enlightenment is a D.I.Y. Project”


More accurately, Enlightenment is an internal do-it-TO-yourself project.

Along the road to enlightenment you will come across “big words” such as:

  • Meditation and Inner Work
  • Shadow, Projections and Mirrors
  • Self-Love a.k.a Inner Love
  • Worthiness and Unworthiness
  • Infinite Love
  • The Masculine, The Feminine, Union, Oneness and OneLove
  • Divine-Love-Bliss

Perhaps someone had whispered “hey...Enlightenment is a do-it-TO-yourself project” in my ear, but I was not paying attention.  Had I paid attention, I would not have gone down meandering paths or chased my tail in circles.

Let’s go thru each of the big words so I can show how helpful remembering “Enlightenment is a do-it-TO-yourself project” can be.

1.Meditation and Inner Work

The basic meditation practice—close your eyes, breathe, relax, be still, notice your thoughts pass by like clouds floating in the sky—is the most common introduction on the road to Enlightenment.

Meditation takes your hand and introduces you to an inner world where Inner Work or the do-it-TO-yourself project will take place.


2. Shadow, Projections and Mirrors

The Shadow is an aspect of my personality I unconsciously do not want to identify with.   Unknowingly, I project my Shadows onto others who mirror my Shadows back to me.

The degree to which I hate and despise others points to how much I hate and despise parts of myself—my Shadows.

In doing Shadow Work, keep in mind Shadows are the empty containers you will be filling with Love in this do-it-TO-yourself project.

3. Self-Love a.k.a Inner Love

Do-it-TO-yourself.   No one else can fill those empty containers with Love but yourself.

4. Worthiness and Unworthiness

You can go around and around in circles on this subject until you remember the key is to do-it-TO-yourself.

WORTHY IN THE EYES OF OTHERS.  We are used to looking towards others to determine our worth, whereas, only you can determine your worth.

WORTHY IN THE EYES OF GOD.  If you believe you are dirty and unworthy of God’s pure love, only you can change that belief.

Your worth is determined by how much worth you give yourself.  There is no limit.  You can go from “I am kinda worthy but I need to work on myself s’more” to “I am God's crown jewel.”

Again, only you can determine your worth.  Only you can determine how much love you deserve.  Only you can give that love to yourself.



5. Infinite Love

God loves infinitely.  God is Infinite Love.

There is no limit to how much love you can give yourself.  You can love yourself to infinity.  When you get to that point, “ye are gods” will have meaning.  When you get to that point, you will say, God and I are One.”

6. The Masculine and The Feminine

In the context of do-it-TO-yourself, I am both the Masculine and the Feminine.  I am a self-sufficient love-generating machine because I have:

A Masculine side or the part of me that gives love
A Feminine side or the part of me that receives the love I give myself

Give and receive.  Give and receive.  Fill those empty containers.  When the Masculine and the Feminine make love or come into “union” we have a sense of wholeness and Oneness. 

OneLove means I am self-sufficient in this do-it-TO-yourself Love project. I am the Giver in as much as I am the Receiver of Love.

7.  Divine-Love-Bliss

If you continue this do-it-TO-yourself love-generating project, you will experience Divine-Love-Bliss.

1.      Love is a wave of Light
2.      Light = Consciousness
3.      Light is “being conscious” of Shadows or the parts I am unconscious of
4.      Enlightenment is a do-it-TO-yourself love-generating project
5.      Enlightenment is a do-it-TO-yourself light-generating project

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