Enlightenment: The One Thing I Wish I Was Told

The one thing I wish I was told on the road to Enlightenment is:

“Enlightenment is a D.I.Y. Project”

More accurately, Enlightenment is an internal do-it-TO-yourself project.

Along the road to enlightenment you will come across “big words” such as: . . .  Read more

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Should I Hold On

Should I hold on to a past hurt?

To let go of a past hurt—big or small—is not easy.  Holding on is a protective mechanism to keep us from getting hurt again.

See if the other person is willing to untie the knots and arrive at a resolution. . . .  Read more

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I Watched a Shadow Form

This article is dedicated to those who have, at least once in their life, been judged wrongly or not.

It is about what happens after judgement has been passed.  I hope it will inspire you to look beyond the judgement, and to uncover ways to be happy and whole again.

In a group, I was told to come from the Heart and not just the Mind. In my defense I told everyone this is how I was brought up, it is what I know, but I am willing to learn.

I asked, "How must I come from the Heart?"  The group suggested I open up my Heart, and use less of my Mind. . . .  Read more

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