Fly Me to the Moon


MANILA, February 25, 2019 -  Check where the Moon is.  Let her sign tell you what you can do to stay in the groove.

You're definitely in the groove when you intuitively know the Moon's mood.  Life feels so good.

If what you've been doing hardly matches what the Moon is saying,  a curve ball is coming your way that could knock you out of the groove.  From then on, its a downward spiral.

Follow the Moon.  The sooner you get back in the groove, the better.

The Moon moves quickly; she changes signs every two and a half days.

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Coming from a sojourn in Pisces, your mood will change from hazy Cloud 9 to all-fired-up and ready to go!

Terrific day if you:

  • Raise your hand to volunteer
  • Take the lead on short-term projects
  • Work fast and finish ahead
  • Double-check your work
  • Hit the gym

Be careful not to:

  • Drive too fast
  • Loose your cool
  • Fast track projects that require extensive planning
  • Make long-term commitments
  • Go on first dates


MOON IN TAURUS, The Feel Good Experiment

We all want to feel good inside.  How to get there depends on where the Moon is.

Let's do a "feel good" experiment.  Read thru the list of "things to do."  Choose 1-3 activities from the list. Try them out while the Moon is in Taurus.


  • Think: Self-Care
  • Make an appointment with a good hair stylist
  • Buy a new plant
  • Open a savings account
  • Work on a long-term project
  • Admire a piece of art
  • Clean your favorite ring
  • Walk slowly, go about your day calmly
  • Have a Himalayan salt bath

Keep checking how you feel.

Astro-Speak: "The Moon is exalted in Taurus" means, she is in her best friend's house—that's why she feels so good.


MOON IN GEMINI, Channel the Twinnies

When the Moon is in Gemini, we channel the mental twinnies:

Twinny 1 is eager to search for new information

Twinny 2 connects and shares the information with everyone

There goes the chatter.  Anything new you put out there while the Moon is in Gemini can go viral.

Later, it turns out we have a lot of comments to reply to and we're overloaded with information.

The next time the Moon is in Gemini:

• Fact check before sharing the news
• Verify if the source is an authority on the subject
• Just before you share, be clear about your intentions

Above all this Moon in Gemini chatter, is a cosmic purpose.

We are all connected by a brain-like structure, and our shared wish is to stay together and evolve.

Use it or lose it.  Just like the human brain, Cosmic Brain development is a wiring process, where connections between neurons are made.

Connections that are used regularly become stronger and develop new functions.  Connections left unused are eventually eliminated.

Our chattering "down here" when the Moon is in Gemini strengthens our connection "up there" and keeps us together.

We sure don’t want to lose you.


MOON IN CANCER, Home Sweet Home
Gravitate towards what makes you feel safe and secure, like a warm duvet, a chat with Mom, or a place you call "home."

Feeling safe and secure is the foundation we all need to succeed in the world.  If the things that make us feel safe and secure are pulled from beneath us, our world will spin and tumble to the ground. Those who realize the importance of satisfying this basic need to feel safe and secure find success easy to come by.

MOON IN LEO, Do a Jack Sparrow

Has someone caused you inner turmoil and sleepless nights?  Do you want to eradicate the person from the face of Earth?

When the Moon is in Leo, do what actors do best—get into character.

Would you like to try?  In your mind, create an image of this person.  What is he like?  (Pause)

Time to be an actor.  Slip into this character as if getting into a wet suit.

Say: I am now (insert name).

The objective is to be an observer.  Watch the character, observe what he does.  See how he behaves.  Imagine you can read the character's thoughts.  See the world through his eyes.

When you are done observing, remove the character as if peeling off a wet suit.

Say: "I am (insert your name)."  Inhale and exhale a full breath.


By doing the exercise, my urge to eradicate or change the people and situations I dislike lessened.  Strangely, the person or situation changes for the better—all the time.

There are seven billion people on Earth. That means, there are seven billion pairs of shoes to try on. Try these characters:
Drug Pusher, Vigilante Killer, Beast of the Apocalypse, Buddha, Christ

You can do combo characters, such as:
Wealthy-Beggar, Peaceful-Killer

This exercise can also be used to achieve life goals.  Try:
Splendor, Wealthy, Peace, Nature, Universe, Oneness

MOON IN VIRGO, Be a Geeky Accountant 

Virgo is like an Accountant.  What do Accountants do best?  What are their good and bad traits?  Among many things, Accountants:

  • Are good at moving things around
  • Are perfectionists, meticulous and geeky
  • Obsess until the numbers add up
  • Work hard

Let’s string things together.

Today, I feel safe and secure when I ________________ (insert the traits of an Accountant).

To know which area of life, run a bi-wheel.  Use this GUIDE.

If the Moon is transiting your fourth House which represents your home, you could say:

Today, I feel safe and secure (Moon) when I move things around (Virgo) at home (4th House).

The Moon remains in a sign for about two and half days.

MOON IN LIBRA, Ms. Congeniality

The Moon has left Virgo—so, enough of pencil-pushing.  Now that she's in Libra, everyone feels cozy playing Ms. Congeniality.  Men included.

"Hello everyone!...Hi!"

No one wants to hurt anyone's feelings, at least for now.  We take time to consider what others want.

"I like this. How about you?"...

"Really? You don't like it?  Okay, let's find something we both like."

This is a good time to negotiate a tough deal.

If someone annoys you, wait it out.  There's a time for everything.  Soon, the Moon will hurl herself at Scorpio.

MOON IN SCORPIO, Sweet Revenge

Scorpio is vindictive. When the Moon is in Scorpio, it feels good to lounge on a Sunday afternoon stabbing a pin cushion.

Scorpio, the sign following Libra and partnerships, is also about riches shared by a couple.  Along with that is the sweet exchange of worth, and the danger of assigning one's worth to another.

Want revenge?  The sweetest revenge is to amass enough self-worth to not seek it.

It's time to review your relationships.  Did I give my partner the sole right to assess my worth?

1. Get to know Taurus, the sign of self-worth and opposite Scorpio.

2. Explore the quarters—Leo and Aquarius.  Regain your self-expression (Leo) and hang out with some friends (Aquarius).

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS, Plan Your Next Travel

Get ready to scout airline deals and book tickets for your next travel when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is like a hot air balloon that expands and takes you far, far away.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, it is a good time to:

  • Travel to new places
  • Pursue higher studies
  • Expand your business
  • Trade with foreign countries

If you cannot travel physically, you could watch foreign films, try ethnic foods, and study foreign languages.

Spiritual Travel Deals and Happiness
While you're at it, check out spiritual travel deals.  Go beyond the physical world on bare fare.

What is the difference?  Physical refers to the outer world, spiritual refers to our inner realm.  The physical world can be perceived thru our five sense organs.  Beyond that, is the spiritual realm with a lot of places to visit and explore.


Recall the last time you felt happy?  What were you doing?

If you believe your happiness is caused by people, places, and things found in the physical world, that's fine.

Let's go back to the last time you felt happy.

If you look closely, you will find you felt happy because you accepted the situation as it was, without wanting to change anything.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Smile.

Each moment can be a happy moment, whether or not you like what you are experiencing. Just breathe, soften up, and accept the moment as it is.
Softening up becomes easy if you follow the Moon.

MOON IN CAPRICORN, Defer to Authority

The King is dead.  Long live the Queen.  The Crown's most riveting scene by far is when Queen Mary of Teck folded her knees the moment she saw Elizabeth, her granddaughter and new queen of England (1:30/ 1:57).

Such deference to Authority is what we are most comfortable or uncomfortable doing when the Moon is in Capricorn.  Deference is by no means a sign of subservience.  It is recognizing the goodness that proper authority brings, whether we are the person in authority or the subject of beneficent rule.
When the Moon is in Capricorn:
• Be a benefic leader
• Adhere to protocol including dress codes
• Be responsible
• Draft a five-year business plan
• Defer to the wisdom of elders
• Mentor someone
Now is not the time to:
• Wear a goofy tie
• Go against authority, including traffic enforcers
• Appeal to emotion
• Start a romance

When met with abuse of authority, take your grievance to the proper court.


Why not have an affair?  Why not go on my own?  Why not travel the world alone?

Why not, why not, why not?

When the Moon is in Aquarius we get a strange urge to break free.

We feel restricted by societal norms, and wonder how bad it'll be to break them.

Hive mind is common. We gravitate toward friends who will not restrict us. We move away from significant others who keep reigning us in.  This is when friends become lovers, and lovers become friends.

Hold on to your WHY NOTs. They are seeds of new beginnings you can plant during the New Moon.

MOON IN PISCES, Drink Hot Cocoa

It's time to power down.  Drink hot cocoa.  Curl up on a warm couch.  Close your eyes and check your inner barometer.   What happened over the past 28 days?

Moon Journal by Jordan E. Clark |

START A MOON JOURNAL. Keep track of the Moon throughout the year.

What knocked you out of the groove?  How did you get back in the groove?

Leave space for your New Moon Wishes.