Is Astrology Precise

On December 1 at 6:15 pm (Manila time), Mars opposed Uranus Rx.

Mars is the Planet of feverish attacks and aggression; Uranus rules technology and the unexpected.

What will happen? Where will it happen?

Unlike other Planets, what Uranus brings is hard to predict because it rules the unexpected.  Events can happen so suddenly.

Nothing significant came up when I scanned world news headlines the following day, so I checked tech news.

An article caught my eye.


An iOS 11 bug might crash your iPhone on December 2nd

“A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is causing iPhones to crash repeatedly once the clock hits 12.15 am on December 2nd.  As noted by iMore and Twitter engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to be related to third-party apps that use recurring local notifications for things like reminders.

Affected iPhone users have been turning off notifications or setting the date back to a time before December 2nd, but Apple has now released a fix.  iOS 11.2 has been released just hours after this issue was discovered, and includes a fix for this date bug.   Apple officially recommends installing this update, or disabling app notifications as a method for fixing the crash." — The Verge


Could this be the Mars-Uranus opposition?

There's only one way to find out.  Run a chart.

I ran a chart for Cupertino, California, the location of Apple Headquarters, and keyed in 12:15 am  on  2 Dec 2017.  Here's what came up:

Mars at 25° Lib 34’ opposed Uranus Rx at 24° Ari 58’

Close enough, but not the exactness I was looking for.

I reviewed the article.

“A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is causing iPhones to crash

once the clock hits 12:15 am on December 2nd….”


Where in the world does each day begin?  Just east of New Zealand's tiny Chatham Islands is the invisible International Date Line.

I ran a chart for Chatham, New Zealand, and keyed in 12:15 am on 2 December 2017.  Here’s what came up:

Mars in Libra opposed Uranus Rx in Aries at 25° on 2 Dec 2017 at exactly 12:15 am in Chatham, New Zealand.

This iOS 11 event supports a belief most Astrologers uphold—that Planets conspire with precision to bring about our experiences on Earth.


Do Planets have power over me?  Do Planets determine the course of my life and my experiences?

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