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Manila, April 30, 2019 - Peter is a prosperous fellow. Grace flows wherever he goes.

You see, Peter is the engineer of a scenic village with four homes. His job is to regulate the flow of water.  When tourists come to visit in spring, Peter turns the valve to the left. When they leave, he turns the valve to right, making sure the flow is just right.

In the summertime, before the reservoir's water level drops, Peter changes the pipe to a smaller one to maintain the right pressure.

What can we learn from Peter? If you become like Peter, clients will value your service, never ask for a discount, and pay you on time. Your business and your clients will prosper.

Men won't stop chasing you.  Your girlfriend will never leave you.

What else can we learn from Peter?

1. Energy is all around us. It is neither good nor bad.

2. Energy becomes Grace when the flow is regulated. Never too much, never too little. Just right.

3. Energy becomes the opposite of Grace, such as cruelty, harshness, avarice, greed, and a false sense of entitlement when people do not regulate it.

4. Grace is always on the lookout for the likes of Peter who know how to manage the flow of energy, so many people around the world can be nourished.


Peter's reservoir never runs dry.  But it wasn’t always that way.

Some years ago, the reservoir dried up.  As you know, people depended on Peter. While he sat with visions of doom, a monk from another village passed by.

“I am thirsty. Do you have any water?” he asked Peter.

“No, sir. The reservoir dried up,” Peter replied.

“I see. If that is the case, I will show you how to fill this reservoir.”

Facing the reservoir, the monk sat on a rock, closed his eyes and breathed. There was a glow on his face and a big smile.  Not long after, water gushed.

Peter’s jaw dropped.  He looked at the monk in disbelief, “Man, how did you do that?”

The monk explained—

Peter, your reservoir is on the physical plane. You may not have noticed, there is a dam on the north side of the reservoir.  That is your mind. The dam is like a veil that separates the reservoir from the unlimited wetlands on the spiritual plane.

Reservoir here. Dam in the middle. Wetlands there.  The valves and pipes are your heart and veins.

For now, the key to filling your dam with water is to know how to operate the dam.

The dam has a pump that you need to prime.

The things you can use as primer range from Shame, Guilt and Apathy to Love, Joy and Peace.  Pour a small amount into the pump.  Whatever you give, you will receive many times over.  You can be certain about that.

The monk drew water from the reservoir, and went on his way.

In other traditions, the method of operating the dam is called TITHING. You can tithe ENERGETICALLY just as the monk did.

"The monk sat on a rock, closed his eyes and breathed. There was a glow on his face and a big smile. Not long after water gushed."

Want to know more about energetic tithing?


Parenthood is the Ivy League for learning Peter's prosperity practice of regulating valves and pipes.

Traditionally, fathers are valves. If a father watches TV all day and doesn’t work, there will be no bacon to feed his wife and children. His family will starve. When fathers give too much, children grow up with a false sense of entitlement.

Traditionally, mothers are pipes. When necessary, mothers are strict and tight.  They manage the purse strings; otherwise, the family could eat all the bacon today and starve tomorrow.  Instinctively, mothers are protective of their young.  We learn to set protective boundaries from our mothers.

Roles crisscross nowadays.  Luckily, parents get to cross-train on regulating valves and pipes.

Businesses are like children.  If you would like your business to prosper, look at your business thru the eyes of a father and a mother.

If your business is not doing well, troubleshoot.  How well are you doing as the father and the mother?

VALVES  As the father, did you infuse enough capital? Do you give your employees the right salary, tools and recognition?  Do you short change your clients?  Do you give your clients the sun and the moon?

PIPES  As the mother, do you price your services right?  Do you feel terrible because you didn’t charge enough?  Do you make it too easy for clients to access you?  Do you word your contracts well to protect your business?  Is your leniency towards employees and clients inviting abuse?

IN LOVE  The same Peter prosperity practice can be applied to romantic relationships.  How well have you been regulating the valves and pipes of your relationship?

The root system of a tree are VALVES, the trunk is a PIPE.

Baobabs reach heights of 16 to 98 feet and trunk diameters of 23 to 36 feet. Large baobabs can store as much as 140,000 liters of water.

Although they look sturdy, their trunks are soft and fleshy.  A huge amount of water (remember Peter opening the valve?) is needed to push on cell walls and keep the tree upright.  When locals draw too much water from a baobab (unregulated), the tree buckles and collapses.

REFLECTIONS  Career, business, love life, and finances are reflections of our Peter prosperity practice.  If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.


Jupiter is a valve
Saturn is a pipe
Give and Receive

When Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, valve and pipe challenges will keep showing up in your life.

Jupiter and Saturn work hand-in-hand, but they are regulated separately.

Jupiter Retrograde
Am I giving too much?  Am I finding it hard to give?  Why?

Saturn Retrograde
Am I taking too much?  Do I have difficulty receiving?
Am I too tight or too loose?  Why?

Look around you. The entire Universe is being created every moment through patterns of giving and receiving—the Sun shining on the Moon, water poured in a glass, slipping a glove, making a baby, signing a contract, giving way to pedestrians, moving to a new home, and more.

How we give and how we receive may sound inconsequential, but they are the Universal Creative Forces at our disposal.  Mastering how to give and receive through a series of karmic lessons prepare us for the more important and divine task of Creating.

Want to see things from Karma's point-of-view?

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