Tell Me Where it Hurts

In a birth chart, wherever you find Chiron, there you will find great pain.

The only way to deal with the pain is to face it squarely. Study the pain, learn all you can, and transcend it.  Only then can the healing begin in that area of your life.

The House where you find Chiron in your birth chart will indicate the area of life; its sign will lend clues on the nature of the wound.   Chiron in Aries may have a wounded sense of identity; Chiron in Taurus, a wounded sense of self-worth, Chiron in Gemini, difficulty in communicating, Chiron in Cancer, a wounded sense of home or difficulty in finding a place to call “home,” etc.


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Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and Teacher; those who overcome the pain and heal their wounds become healers and good teachers.


Transiting Chiron marks tragedy, pain and healing when it comes into contact with Planets and points in birth charts of people, businesses, corporations, nations, etc.  We can reduce the healing time by becoming aware of the pain we resist, letting go, and choosing higher ways to respond to people and situations.

Chiron in the News

  • The Boxing Day Tsunami on December 26, 2004 left 230,000–280,000 dead, and more missing.  On that day, transiting Chiron opposite Saturn were in the same degree as Thailand's Chiron.
  • The Resorts World Manila attack happened on the eve of a Mars-Chiron square on June 2, 2017, and came in contact with Philippines’ Mars. Transiting Uranus was also in the same degree.
  • The news headlines that weekend included:
    • London Terror Attack
    • Vatican in Thick Smoke
    • Rock am Ring Festival Evacuated
    • 1,400 Injured in Turin Champions League False Bomb Alert
    • Sacked Florida employee shoots five ex-colleagues
  • The Fire in London on Jun 14, 2017 happened when transiting Chiron was square London's Uranus in Sagittarius, a fire sign. Three days later, the fire in Portugal happened when transiting Chiron was square Portugal's Sun, again, in Sagittarius.



Chiron orbits the Sun in between Saturn and Uranus.  Discovered in 1977, it was initially called an asteroid and classified as a minor planet.  It is now the first of a new class of objects known as centaurs.

It takes Chiron 49-51 years to go around the Zodiac.  Because of its unusual orbit, it spends 1-2 years in Virgo and Libra, and 7-8 years in Aries and Pisces.

As with all planetary returns, several things happen—a cycle ends, a new one begins, and there is an unmistakable reckoning with the lessons, issues and themes associated with the Planet.  The Moon returns each month; Mercury, Venus and the Sun return each year; Mars, every 2 years; Jupiter every 12 years; Saturn at the age of 29 or so; and Chiron varies between 49-51 years.  How well you learned your lesson will be reflected back to you thru people events and situations, and prod you to learn the lesson, if you haven’t yet.

At present, the number of individuals who live to experience their second Chiron Return at age 92-104 is very small.

Since Chiron was discovered only recently, it has yet to complete an entire cycle since its discovery.  Technically, the first Chiron return won’t happen until 2028.  How we understand Chiron is still about to unfold.


Seek balance if you want to heal a Chiron wound.  Look at its opposite sign to find balance.


A Time for Balance