This Is How To Love Me

Loving is not just about hearts, flowers and candlelight kisses.

It is about creating space that allows each other to “do their own thing”—things that make us feel embraced, wrapped in a blanket, safe and emotionally secure.

After I spent what felt like eternity drowning,

you taught me how to  breathe



The Moon can help you and your partner understand what you both need to feel safe and emotionally secure.  It points to:

  • Things you love doing when no one is home, and all your deadlines have been met
  • Things you feel comfortable and confident doing
  • Things you can do with your eyes closed; things that have become second nature to you
  • Things you wish a partner would allow you to do at times

Allowing each other to develop emotional security will sponsor mutual trust and respect.

1. Click here to generate a free birth chart. Locate the Moon; identify its Zodiac sign and House.

2. Interpretations

Aries/ 1st House: Allow me to express my independence and individuality

Taurus/ 2nd House: Allow me to be sure-footed and resourceful, and to feel worthy

Gemini/ 3rd House: Allow me to be witty and eloquent, and to connect with others

Cancer/ 4th House: Allow me to nurture and build a niche I can call my own

Leo/ 5th House: Allow me to express myself and be recognized

Virgo/ 6th House: Allow me to analyze, discriminate and function efficiently


Libra/ 7th House: Allow me to create beauty, harmony and balance

Scorpio/ 8th House: Allow me to be intense, passionate and penetrating

Sagittarius/ 9th House: Allow me to explore and expand my mental, philosophical, spiritual and physical horizons

Capricorn/ 10th House: Allow me to create structure and instill discipline

Aquarius/ 11th House: Allow me to innovate and break free from out-moded norms

Pisces/ 12th House: Allow me to swim in and out of the collective consciousness, and be One with all

EXAMPLE: Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th House


  • Allow me to explore and expand my mental, philosophical, spiritual and physical horizons Moon in Sagittarius)
  • Allow me to nurture and build a niche I can call my own (in the 4th House)

Both interpretations will hold true.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th House could mean a love for curling on a couch to read a book,  philosophical discussions, travel , ethnic sojourns, etc.

3.  Vow to carve out time in your busy schedule to do things that make you feel embraced, safe and secure.

4. Share a copy of this article with your partner or date.  It could make a good conversation piece.


Would you like to know more about feeling safe and secure?

Check out Jumpstarting Oneness Restoration

Jumpstarting Oneness Restoration


• Mars Sign and House placement describes your courtship strategy regardless if you are male or female

• Venus Sign describes what you love, how you love, and your precious talents

• Venus House placement is where you showcase your talents and what you love doing for you to receive love and appreciation from others

Advanced Techniques
• The Houses with Taurus and Libra on the cusps contain the things and qualities you want people to love you for and appreciate in you

• The Sign on the cusp of the 7th House is your weakest Sign. You will likely attract a partner that has a Sun, Moon or ASC in that Sign.

• The Sign on the cusp of the 7th House determines its Ruler; locate the Ruler in your chart. The matters of that House is connected to how you met/will meet your lover/s.


Featured Image: Digital collage by Trash Riot

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