Ultimate Guide to Pluto in 22°

Manila, March 16, 2019 - Pluto entered 22° Capricorn on February 13, 2019.  The period between February 13, 2019 thru January 2020 will be a very painful, precarious, and challenging time for everyone,  most especially those who have natal planets or points at 22°.

If you have a natal planet or point in 22°, learn as much as you can about Pluto in 22°.

Pluto transforms anything it touches.  It is responsible for staging rites of passages in our lives.

A rite of passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in one's life, such as birth, puberty, marriage and annulment, or it can be something like cutting one’s hair to join the army.

A rite of passage begins with a literal or symbolic death leading to a new beginning.  Something must die for something new to sprout.

The 22nd degree of any Zodiac sign is associated with killings.  Pluto at 22° simply puts an exclamation point on the death it brings.

Capricorn rules
Career, business, organizations, structures
Head of State, CEOs, public image, public office
Authority, control, discipline, the more controlling parent
Hair, knees, bone

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2. The mathematical points of a chart include the Lunar Nodes, Arabic Parts, Vertex, and the four cardinal points—Imum Coeli, Midheaven, Ascendant, and Descendant.


Avoid scheduling important events, such as launching a new product, opening a new business, weddings, important meetings, and surgery on:

  • February 13, 2019 thru March 31, 2019
    Pluto stations at 22° Capricorn
  • April 25, 2019
    Pluto turns retrograde at 23° Capricorn
  • May 21, 2019 thru July 10, 2019
    Pluto Rx re-enters 22° Capricorn
  • Dec 20, 2019 thru Jan 20, 2020
    Pluto direct re-enters 22°

For a closer look, below are the dates Pluto will be weaving in and out 22° Capricorn.

Feb 13, 2019, Pluto at 22° Cap 00'
Mar 31, 2019 Pluto at 23° Cap 00'
Apr 25, 2019 Pluto at 23°R Cap 09'
May 21, 2019 Pluto at 22°R Cap 59'
Jul 10, 2019 Pluto at 22° Cap 00'

Dec 20, 2019 Pluto at 22° Cap 00'
Jan 7, 2020 Saturn joins Pluto at 22° Cap
Jan 19, 2020 Pluto at 22°Cap 59'

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FAQ: Pluto Diaries and Retrograde Cycle

Q: What will happen if I have a planet in 22°?

This is when diaries come in handy.

PREVIEW: Pluto's First Pass at 22°
Feb 13–Mar 29

Beginning February 13 thru March 29, Pluto will station at 22° Capricorn.  Jot down relevant issues and circumstances associated with Pluto, 22° and Capricorn, such as:

  • Uncontrollable anger
  • Fear of losing control
  • Aggression
  • Literal and figurative death
  • Difficulty letting go
  • Disdain for authority
  • Faulty structures in business and organizations

PRACTICUM: Pluto's Second Pass at 22°
Apr 25–Oct 4

When Pluto retrogrades on April 25 thru October 4 at 23°–20°, the same issue will resurface for you to resolve.

EVALUATION: Pluto's Third Pass at 22°
Oct 4–Jan 19

Beginning October 4, 2019 thru January 19, 2020, Pluto will make its way back and station at 22° for the third time.  This is your report card.  The experience will be—good if you pass, difficult if you slept thru the lesson.

The Key: Learn the Art of Letting Go and cultivate a Loving Presence.  The highest expression of Pluto is a Loving Presence we share with others thru the things we do.

This preview-practicum-evaluation process is true for all retrograde cycles.

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Q: How can I help others? 

It's easy to spot someone under the Pluto 22° weather.  The person is depressed, about to blow up or feel like he is losing control over a situation.

ruok.org.au says a conversation could save a life.

"Got a niggling feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as they normally would?

Perhaps they seem out of sorts?  More agitated or withdrawn?  Or they’re just not themselves.

Trust that gut instinct and act on it."

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Q: Can planetary influences be transcended? 

Unfavorable influences, yes. Planetary influence per se, no.

The Planets are the laws of our Universe in action. They are gears of a cosmic clock that conduct and synchronize what we want to experience.

When we are conscious of what we are doing, we deliberately create our experiences, perfectly timed by the Planets for us.

When we sleep walk through our day and make mistakes, still the Planets are there to faithfully nudge and awaken us.

Planets conspire to carry out WHAT you want to experience in life. Your level of consciousness determines HOW you will experience life.

SEEING 11:11 and 22°
Have you been seeing 11:11?  I used to brush aside pop musings on seeing 11:11, until I kept seeing 11:11 too often to ignore.  11:11 portends a transition or doorway.  Pluto is responsible for setting up profound doorways in life.  As it turns out, 11:11 was an arrow pointing to 22°, where Pluto is now stationed.


Pluto ushers powerful rites of passage or transition.  On the individual and global level,  rites of passage have three phases:

Phase I  A purging or separation of the former self, such as cutting one’s hair before joining the army to signify separation from civilian life

Phase II  A threshold or period between the old and the new marked by uncertainty and ambiguity

Phase III  The completion and assumption of a “new” identity

MORE ON 22° of Killings
Serbian astro-researcher Nikola Stojanovic noticed that the 22nd degree of any Zodiac sign was active in the charts of assassins and the assassinated.   Stojanovic says, in the horoscope of India, the Moon (woman) is in the 10th house (power, ruler) at the 22nd degree of Cancer. This can be interpreted as "a woman ruler (the Moon in the 10th house) will be assassinated (22°)." And indeed, India's prime minister Indira Ghandi was assassinated by her bodyguards.

Japanese emperor Hirohito has the Moon (people) at the 22nd degree of Virgo square Uranus in Sagittarius, and Pluto in Gemini.  This can be interpreted as "his people (the Moon) were killed by a bomb (Uranus) that caused mass destruction (Pluto)."

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Boeing's Sun at 22°
On March 10,  Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, a 737 MAX 8 on a flight from Ethiopia to Kenya, crashed 6 minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 passengers.  Boeing's 737 MAX 8 has since been grounded across the globe.  Even if Boeing fixes the problem, there could be more spewing while Pluto weaves in and out of 22° thru January 2020 opposing Boeing's Sun, also at 22°, the degree of killings.  The Boeing Company designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide.

On March 15, Moscow-bound Boeing 737-800 was forced to make an emergency landing in northern Russia due to engine failure.

New Zealand Part of Fortune at 22°
Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15.

More people could have been killed.  By late afternoon, the police had diffused improvised explosive devices attached to a vehicle.


  • The shooting happened at a time Pluto at 22° is sextile natal Part of Fortune at 22°
  • Transiting Uranus trine natal Chiron signified the explosives that were diffused
  • Sextile: When two planets are 60 degrees apart
  • Trine: When two planets are 120 degrees apart

Pluto is terrorism.  Uranus sponsors unruly events and panic.  The Part of Fortune in Pisces stood for the prayerful. Chiron is unimaginable pain.

House 3 - Vehicles
House 4 - Mosque/House of Prayer
House 5 - For things done daily, such as daily prayer practice
House 6 - War and Peace



There is collateral beauty in Pluto.  You just have to try your best to see it.

Collateral Beauty

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