Lilith, Eve and The Shekinah

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We perceive in the world the energy we project


Let's take a closer look at what happened to Lilith and Adam, and then to Eve in the garden by using a movie projector as analogy.

Adam is:

  • The fellow in the backroom of a movie theater who inserts reels into a projector
  • Our conscious mind that harnesses energy to impregnate the projector
  • Our Masculine ability to harness energy and give
  • The pineal gland; an organ that vibrates and transmits like a quartz crystal
  • Our potential to exercise FREE WILL and think
  • Our potential to be free from the shackles of blame-shame-guilt and harness love
  • Energy is all around us. The role of Adam is to harness and give energy.

You, as the more evolved Adam, can now choose to harness blame, shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear...or love and its many facets including joy, peace and harmony.

But not back then.

Lilith represents:

  • The crude, primordial subconscious mind
  • The first of her kind Movie Projector Model #001 who did not like Adam impregnating her


Adam, Lilith, and Eve relief sculpture, c. 1210 CE, Notre Dame, Paris

Adam back then was crude as well.  He did not have the ability you now have to choose and harness from a range of energy.

Adam thought Lilith was no different from the beasts roaming the fields.  He was not a Romeo.

In turn, Lilith, the movie projector, was not "turned on"  literally and figuratively.   In fact, Lilith wanted to reverse roles. Why not let the deep, tumultuous waters of the subconscious mind take over the conscious mind?  Whatever it is Adam was feeding Lilith, she did not like it.  She left the garden preferring demons over Adam.

By the time Eve was created—movie projector Model #002—Adam had evolved.  This time, she was willing to be his helper.

Eve is:

  • Movie Projector Model #002
  • Our Feminine ability to receive energy and nurture an offspring
  • Our more evolved subconscious mind
  • The pituitary gland beneath the pineal gland
  • Our ability to feel vibration


It's easy for most women to identify with the feminine; but most men find it difficult.

If you want to discover your Feminine ability, scroll down Facebook's newsfeed; sense how each post makes you feel.   For better or worse, your Eve has just been impregnated by Facebook posts.

When Eve bit the apple, she got "turned on." When she and Adam left the garden, they had children.

The children represent:
• The movie projected on-screen
• What we regard as three-dimensional experience
• The thalamus

Low energy  result to ugly children; high energy  create beautiful children.


If you fill your subconscious mind with higher energy such as Love, Facebook posts and other things can impregnate you. You will have full control over your life experiences.

When you CONTINUOUSLY fill your subconscious mind with Love, it will overflow and fill your room, town, city, and country, then the world and out to the Cosmos.

Would you like to know how to continuously fill your subconscious mind with Love?  Go to Oneness Restoration.


You become the "New Adam."  Eve, much fuller and happier, will transform to Model #3— the Divine Feminine known as Shekinah.  In Christian tradition, the Shekinah is known as the Holy Spirit.  Millennials refer to Her as "The Holy Vibe."  Shekinah represents all of creation in its entire glory, pregnant with the Love seeds of the New Adam.

The myth of Lilith is best appreciated as our evolutionary story—from Lilith and Eve to the Shekinah.

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