Is Destiny Written in the Stars

Q: Is destiny written in the stars?


A man with the same birth details as Donald Trump—let's say their mothers gave birth beside each other—will  have the same set of experiences as Trump even if the man was born poor and stayed poor.   If Trump earns a million dollars today, the man will find a $100 bill on the street at about the same moment in time.

Q: Why is that so?  Is it possible for the man to become as rich as Trump?

The man will have a similar set of experiences as Trump because Planets race across the sky to trigger events in our lives at precise moments in time.

The reason there is a difference in circumstance—a million dollars vs. $100—is Consciousness.   The man and Trump have different levels of consciousness when it comes to earning money.

In a nutshell, Consciousness is our energy or vibe.

Studying Astrology alone will give you a flat experience. "My Sun is in Moon is in Pisces..."  There is no flavor to simply knowing Planets, Signs and Houses.

You need to add a working knowledge of Consciousness to make Astrology flavorful and meaningful.

Planets racing across the sky  x  Infinite levels of consciousness
= Infinite combinations of life experiences

Change your vibe, change your life.

So, my answer is YES.  The man has potential to rise from poverty and become as rich as Trump.

Q:  Why would Planets racing across the sky trigger certain experiences?  Do Planets have a hold over me?   How can I make wiser choices in life?

A: I have worked at the same job for more than 15 years, and at one point I felt bored.   I could do my job with my eyes closed.   And then I studied Astrology and consciousness.

Knowledge of Astrology + consciousness gave me insights on the things my soul wanted to accomplish in this lifetime including why I have been holding the same job for many years.  That was a turning point in my life.  Since then, I began looking forward again to being at work each day.

Once you know how to read your birth chart and understand levels of consciousness, you will gain insights on why you designed your life the way it is; and consequently, make better choices.

When you have a  map, it's easier to get from one place to another.  It's easier to troubleshoot if you have the blueprint.  Your birth chart is both a map and a blueprint.


In between lifetimes, we decide what we want to experience, learn, and balance from previous lifetimes.

We connive with other souls to bring about certain experiences, and rely on a mega cosmic computer to coordinate our experiences.  We approach the computer and state what we want to experience to reach our soul's FULL POTENTIAL.

Do you know what the computer does? It spits out a birth chart.

"Here you go.  Enter Earth at this date, time and place."

Copies of our birth chart—similar to a mission order—are issued to each of the Planets.  The Planets will then conspire to trigger events and bring about the experiences we want.

Let's go back to destiny.  Is our destiny written in the stars?

The answer is YES, NO and YES.

YES, a birth chart describes in full detail what you came here for.

NO, it does not state what you can and cannot do.  It indicates POTENTIALITY—talents, gifts, strengths, limitations.

YES, when you veer off course,  the Planets and Karmic Law will bring you back on course—sometimes thru difficult experiences. Why?

Because you commanded the Planets and the Laws of the Cosmos to do so—"Bring me the experiences I need to reach my soul's full potential."

That is how powerful you are.

My favorite questions do not begin with WHEN, WHAT, HOW or WHO?  They begin with WHY.

Instead of asking—

When will I get married?
Who will I marry?
How will I have more money?
What do I need to do to be happy?
What is my mission?
What is my purpose in life?

Ask WHY.  Why is this happening now?

Asking WHY will help you determine if what you are doing now and what you would like to do is aligned with the plan you designed.

WHY will point to the lessons you need to learn.

If you veer off course, WHY can help you get back on track—and could save you from consuming the full ten-course meal prepared by Karma, just for you.

Once the WHYs become clear to you, the WHEN, WHAT, HOW and WHO will show up.

Astrologers can shed light on a person's chosen path.   "Here's the path based on YOUR DESIGN."   But if a person does not care to ask WHY, no map can help him get back on course.

If you want to know your destiny, the most important question to ask is, "WHY?"


Q: I’ve heard of “soul choice.”  Which part of me is the soul and where exactly is my soul?

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