When Will COVID End

Published: MANILA, March 15, 2020

A Saturn-Neptune alignment marks the beginning of pandemics; a Neptune-White Moon alignment tapers it.

Neptune is associated with viruses including computer bugs.  Saturn is the restrictor and Grim Reaper of the Zodiac.  The White Moon is a blessing in the midst of hardship or a “blessing in disguise.” . . .  Read more

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Is Destiny Written in the Stars

Q: Is destiny written in the stars?


A man with the same birth details as Donald Trump—let's say their mothers gave birth beside each other—will  have the same set of experiences as Trump even if the man was born poor and stayed poor.   If Trump earns a million dollars today, the man will find a $100 bill on the street at about the same moment in time. . . .  Read more

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Astrology & Oneness Restoration

The two go hand-in-hand like burger and fries.

In between lives, we decide what we want to experience, learn, and balance from previous lives.
Planets conspire to carry out WHAT you decided you wanted to experience in this lifetime. Your level of consciousness determines HOW you will experience life.

A consciousness of Love will bring about benign or good experiences. A consciousness of Shame will bring about a miserable life experience. . . .  Read more

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