Jupiter Retrograde

A queen bee from Mount Hymettus ascended to Olympus to present honey fresh from her combs.  Jupiter, delighted with the offering, promised to give whatever she should ask.

"Give me, I pray thee, a sting, that if any mortal shall approach to take my honey, I may kill him," implored the bee.

Jupiter was displeased for he loved the human race, but he could not renege on his word.  Jupiter thus replied, "You shall have your request, but it will be at the peril of your own life.   If you use your sting, it will remain in the wound you have made, and you will die from its loss."

It takes Jupiter about 12 years to complete its revolution around the Sun.  As Jupiter "rounds the bend" from our point-of-view, it appears to slow down, stop, slide backward, stop again, and then move forward—a cycle known as "retrograde."

Retrograde or "Rx" comes from the Latin word "retrogradus," which means "backward step."

Each year, Jupiter retrograde lasts for about 120 days.

Jupiter is the planet of plenty that bestows us with good fortune.

VERY IMPORTANT: When retrograde, UNUSUAL, UNEXPECTED, and EXTREME things happen to matters ruled by Jupiter.  Learn all you can about the matters ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter watches over the half-man, half-beast Sagittarian centaur representing our higher and lower selves.  When Jupiter is retrograde,  we  experience an INTERNAL STRUGGLE—which of our two selves will triumph?

JUPITER RULES our desire to explore the world.  We develop a natural curiosity for other cultures and gravitate towards becoming more cultured—educated and interested in a variety of subjects, refined, open-minded, tolerant and respectful of people who come from different backgrounds.

If we can't travel physically, we can always travel inward to expand our philosophical and spiritual horizons.


Expansion, expeditions, far travels, relocation, foreign countries and culture

Franchising, opening new branches, publishing

Sea vessels, airlines, airplanes, travel agencies, rocket ships, intercontinental ballistic missiles,

Philosophical, Religious, and Spiritual
Wisdom, philosophies, beliefs, higher education, religious and judicial matters, the spirit of the law, national inquests, inner travel

Priests, preachers, judges, law firms, universities, places of worship



When Jupiter is retrograde and you have a natal planet or point in Jupiter's path, keep these do's and don'ts in mind:

  • Put your travel plans on hold
  • Do not file a law suit or legal case, it could drag on and on
  • Do not sign merger, acquisition and franchise agreements
  • Do not apply for higher education
  • If you must do any Jupiterian task, do it during the day—Jupiter will be kinder
  • If you are familiar with Planetary Hours, avoid the Hours of Jupiter (my favorite app is "Hours" by Sirius Labs)
  • Do not move to another country
  • Review your beliefs, discard those that no longer serve you, and replace them with empowering ones.
  • Avoid being dogmatic about your beliefs or you might do or say things at an inopportune time
  • Remember the story about Jupiter and the bee?  Now is the time to make good use of wisdom. Now is NOT the time to foolishly put wisdom to the test.


1. Find out when Jupiter will turn retrograde.  Download this year's Planet Retrograde Calendar.

2. Run your birth chart.  See How to Generate a Free Birth Chart


If you need to file a legal case, sign a merger agreement, or apply for higher education while Jupiter is retrograde, see Electing Auspicious Dates



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