My 7th House of Marriage is Empty

Q: I ran my birth chart and noticed my 7th House of marriage is empty.  Does that mean I won't get married? 

A (Rami): In Classical Astrology, only seven out of 10 Planets rule—The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Since there are 12 houses, all birth charts will have at least two empty houses.

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Don't worry just yet if your 7th House of marriage is empty.  There is no such thing as an empty House.  Each House has a Ruler; the Ruler is determined by the Zodiac sign on the cusp.

If you've watched Game of Thrones, you will recognize this short list of Great Houses:

• House Arryn, rulers of the Vale of Arryn from the castle of Eyrie
• House Baratheon, the Seven Kingdom's royal house
• House Bolton, rulers of the North from the castle of Dreadfort
• House Frey, rulers of the Riverlands from the castle of Riverrun
• House Greyjoy, rulers of the Iron Islands from the castle of Pyke
• House Lannister, rulers of the Westerlands from the castle of Casterly Rock
• House Martell, rulers of Dorne from the castle of Sunspear
• House Tyrell, rulers of the Reach from the castle of Highgarden

Often, a ruler or lord would be away conducting business in another House for the sake of his House.  Heads of governments do the same; they travel to neighboring countries to build relations and encourage trade.

In Game of Thrones, Lady Olenna, de facto head of House Tyrell moved to King's Landing to work behind the scenes, strengthen the alliance with House Lannister, and ensure her granddaughter Margaery becomes queen by marrying King Joffrey.

Somewhere in your chart

a Planet could be arranging your marriage

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