Astrology & Oneness Restoration

The two go hand-in-hand like burger and fries.

In between lives, we decide what we want to experience, learn, and balance from previous lives.
Planets conspire to carry out WHAT you decided you wanted to experience in this lifetime. Your level of consciousness determines HOW you will experience life.

A consciousness of Love will bring about benign or good experiences. A consciousness of Shame will bring about a miserable life experience.

Oneness Restoration is the key to maintaining a consciousness of Love.  If you want benign experiences instead of being tossed around by a maelstrom every day, restore yourself to Oneness.  If you want to experience life with ease and at bliss, restore yourself to Oneness.

Q: If Planets conspire to carry out WHAT I wanted to experience, why is it important to know all that? Why is Astrology important?

A (Rami): For many reasons—
1. Thru Astrology, you can know in advance what will happen. That means you can redirect your energy and resources. For example: If you knew by reading your chart that you stand to earn a huge amount of money next month, wouldn’t it make sense to set-up several income streams before then?

2. We were born with eyes that look outward. Astrology helps us look inward. When clients see me for consultation on issues they are plagued with, my job is to help them see what they have been rejecting and denying.  What would normally take hours to identify, will take only a seconds using Astrology.

3. The path of least resistance is always the middle path. The middle path requires a good understanding of Balance. Astrology helps us see our imbalances, and shows us how to return to Balance


4. Astrology is also about natural cycles and rhythm.
Not long ago, people would rest their backs on the ground, gaze at the night sky, and listen to the rhythm of the Cosmos.  Nowadays, people think they have very little time on their hands to even stop and listen; hence, poverty, strife and hardship.

If you wish to prosper, you must learn

to recognize natural cycles and listen to the rhythm


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When is the best time to request a reading?

Most of my clients request a Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead 3-4 months before their birthdays each year.  Check out this article: WHY I FLEW TO TOKYO ON MY BIRTHDAY



If you want to learn all the techniques I use, come and join classes.

The foundational class is Practical Astrology Simplified which is a prerequisite to Relocation Astrology & The Year Ahead and other classes.