I Watched a Shadow Form

This article is dedicated to those who have, at least once in their life, been judged wrongly or not.

It is about what happens after judgement has been passed.  I hope it will inspire you to look beyond the judgement, and to uncover ways to be happy and whole again.

In a group, I was told to come from the Heart and not just the Mind. In my defense I told everyone this is how I was brought up, it is what I know, but I am willing to learn.

I asked, "How must I come from the Heart?"  The group suggested I open up my Heart, and use less of my Mind.

The following day, I sat quietly and watched a part of me walk away—the part the group said I had too much of.

Something in me was dying. Despite the heaviness, I was amused! I was excited.  It was the first time I ever watched a shadow form!

First, it peeled away from me, and then it grew dark. All the more I got excited when it began to walk away.  I wanted to follow the shadow so I would know where shadows go, and then I realized the Shadow was carrying a big sack on its back.

From afar, I examined what was inside the sack.

"Wait a minute!  Stop...right where you are," I commanded, and scooped the Shadow with my hand.

I could see what was inside the sack.

The Shadow replied, "Since, I am not welcome, I might as well take with me your inspiration to write and to share.  Mark my word, you will never write and share again."

I asked, "And why would you do that?"

"Because no one heard me out when I was trying to say, I do not know any other way but to be...as they say...too much of Mind and very little Heart."

Shadows form when we are judged without being heard and honored.

The part judged by society fades, becomes dark, almost dies, peels away, and walks away unnoticed.

Shadows leave so whatever is left can still, somehow, reintegrate with society.

The sad part is, every time a shadow peels away, it takes with it something valuable like a talent or skill.  No wonder Shadows are said to be filled with Light.

Once Shadows are reintegrated, talents and skills reappear seemingly from nowhere—like magic—whereas we have had those talents and skills all this time.

Perhaps this is why Lucifer, all shadows put together, is also known as The Lightbringer.

I wondered how many shadows have peeled away, and what valuable skills and talents I have lost thru the years.

This time and more lovingly, I asked Shadow what it wanted to say to the group but never did.

Shadow said, "I wanted to tell the group, 'You tell me to open my Heart as if it was the easiest thing to do.  What if I tell all of you to open your Minds?'  But I bit my tongue.  For sure, they would judge me all the more for being so full of air." (Air is the element that rules the mind.)

That brought the house down.  Shadow and I rolled all over the floor laughing.  After we had a good laugh, we sat together so happy and whole.  We planned and thought of ways to open our Heart.

Shadow and I learned:

  • We enter the world whole
  • Over time some parts of us leave and hide
  • When judged, everyone wants to be given a chance to be heard and honored
  • Shadows are outcasts; the parts of us society does not welcome
  • Shadows leave quickly and quietly so the rest of the persona can hopefully reintegrate with society
  • A Shadow takes with it something valuable like a talent or skill
  • I must always take my side especially when no one will; and before a Shadow leaves unnoticed
  • After hiding in the dark, a Shadow when found wants to be heard, honored, and allowed a space to exist

Every human being wants and deserves to be heard, honored, and allowed a space to exist.


Do you think there is too much hate in the world?  Hate goes hand in hand with Shadows.

There are two reasons Shadows form—

  • We were REPRIMANDED for doing something
  • We were PRAISED for doing something


I WAS REPRIMANDED for being too noisy when I was young; since then, I became quiet.  I hate people who are noisy.

Imagine a circle.  Black-out part of the circle to represent the "noisy" part of you.  That's a Shadow.

My sister was reprimanded for leaving the door open while I WAS PRAISED for being responsible enough to close the door; from then on, I made it a point to be responsible.   I hate people who are irresponsible.

Imagine a circle.  Black-out part of the circle to represent the "irresponsible"  part of you.  That's a Shadow.

Each of us have different parts blackened out.  All my black parts put together represent my personal Shadow.  All  our black parts put together represent our collective Shadow.

In a nutshell, Shadows are the recipients or receptacles of hate.

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Meet the Four Characters of Oneness Restoration


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