Tell Me Where It Hurts, Baby


Manila, June 4, 2019 - If any part on the left side of your body hurts, it is your Inner Child’s way of telling you, your Boundaries need some adjustment.  If the right side hurts, you need to do better in regulating your Flow.

Flow is associated with Mercy, The Masculine, and Giving.  Boundaries are associated with Severity, The Feminine, and Receiving.  Mercy is how you give.  Severity is how you receive.

Isn’t regulating “how much I give” also Severity?

No, and here’s an easy way to distinguish the two:

  • When someone asks something from you, how much you give is Mercy.  Never give too much, always just right lest your Child will make sure you get feedback— the right side of your body will hurt.
  • When someone gives you something, whether in a pushy or subtle way, your ability to sense abuse and say “no” without hurting the other person is your Severity at work; otherwise, the left side of your body will hurt.  This is the Child’s way of saying “no” to abuse, no matter how subtle the abuse is.

The middle pillar in the diagram is also known as the Pillar of Grace.  When the two pillars, Mercy and Severity, are balanced and well-regulated, your Child is happy—grace and blessings flow in your life unimpeded. That is why it is said, the Child holds the key to the riches of the world.

HELP, My right elbow is hurting.  A joint, such as an elbow,  could be inflexibility when it comes to Giving-the right side.  It could also represent something connected to the circumstances in your life at the time of the injury.  Think back to what was going on in your life at the time you noticed the pain.  Were you upset you gave too much or upset you were unable to give?  Start from there.


Flow and Boundaries work hand in hand.

When faced with a problem or when helping a friend out, troubleshoot.  Get to the root by identifying if it is a Flow problem, a Boundaries problem, or both.

Flow is at play each time you GIVE, when you FORCE something or yourself on others, or when you can’t give.

Boundaries are at play when you ASK for something, when you’re at the RECEIVING end, when you TAKE more than you should, when you find it difficult to receive. There are people who find it difficult to receive even just a compliment or a cup of coffee.

Let’s take a closer look:

1 - Flow (Masculine in function)
When someone forces you to do something or receive something, the person has a Flow problem. It doesn’t have to be a tangible object. It could be words, as in the case of verbal abuse. Rapists have difficulty with Flow.

Archetype: The Rapist

Your turn.

2 - Boundaries (Feminine in function)
If you don’t like what is being given, raise your Boundaries. Say “NO.” Shut your legs tight or walk away.

But, if you shut your legs too tight or growl at the person, you can lose all your clients and all your suitors. Being too prude is also not good. Balance is key.

Archetype: The Old Librarian

3 - Boundaries (Feminine in function)
If a person ASKS too much, again, he has poor Boundaries. He is no different from women who marry for money and comfort. He keeps taking and taking until the well runs dry.

Archetype: The Prostitute

4 - Flow (Masculine in function)
Now, if you GIVE more than you should, you have poor Flow. This is no different from men who give money in exchange for “love” and parents who spoil their children.

Archetype: The Sugar Daddy

Another kind of FLOW problem is when a person is unable to give, as in the case of a couch-potato dad who watches TV all day and does not go to work. His children will starve.

Archetype: The Couch Potato

Let’s troubleshoot.


  • Forcing one’s self on others could be a power issue, perhaps the person felt powerless as a child, not in control, overpowered
  • Giving too much could be poor self-worth and feeling inadequate, “I might not be enough”


  • The inability to say “NO”
  • Wanting to take and take

Both could stem from a past experience of deprivation, lack, “there isn’t enough.”

THE ANTIDOTE is to be a mature parent and address issues of lack, control, and worth with the Inner Child.


• On different levels—personal, corporate, national, global—when Jupiter is retrograde, all sorts of FLOW issues arise; when Saturn is retrograde, all sorts of BOUNDARY issues arise.  The lessons planets in retrograde bring are always life-changing.

• The Sun is the Parent, the Moon is the Inner Child


The tolerance for Mercy and Severity widens as a person matures and becomes a human being (v. a human becoming).  He can GIVE MORE, TOLERATE MORE without compromising himself.

However and despite the wide tolerance, it is the matured person’s better judgement that compels him to put his foot down, even if he can give more and tolerate slight abuses, like a parent to a child or an older sibling to a younger.

His better judgement is based on “Will my doing so put this person on the right path, or lead him to further pain and self-destruction? I refuse to contribute to this karma.”

The middle pillar is also known as the Pillar of Beneficance, knowing what is good for oneself and others. How we are with our Inner Child sets the pace for how beneficent we are with others.

Poor Mercy and poor Severity to others tells much about a person’s relationship with his Inner Child.


THE MYSTERY OF TITHING, So Your Body Parts Won’t Hurt

Q: Is there a remedy if one makes a donation but there's no personal contact to ask something in return?  For example, dropping off items at the Caritas bin or Cibo book bin?

What can I do to maintain balance so my body parts won't hurt?

A: Yes there is. The remedy and the answer to maintaining good Mercy and Severity, so your body parts—left and right—won’t hurt, lies in understanding the Mystery of Tithing.

Tithing literally means giving “a tenth.” There is a story about Abraham who gave a tenth of his war spoils to Melchizedek, a high priest and the king of Salem. He was regarded as God's ambassador at that time. So people tithed to Melchizedek.

What is the underlying concept of Tithing?

A servant tilling the soil does not tithe because the master of the land needs it; he tithes to profess and renew his allegiance.  In Tagalog, the closest term is "pagbigay-pugay."

Likewise, we tithe or give not because the Source of All Things needs something from us, but to renew our allegiance.

Tithing and allegiance might be easier to understand if you've ever been in love. Everywhere you go, you find something nice to give to someone you love, even if it's just a small token. It's the thought that counts, right?

Now and if by chance, your lover happens to be Christian Grey, wouldn't Chris give you ten times more? And how much more would the Source of All Things give you in return?

Tithing is like priming a super galactic pump.

Give love to receive love. Give the energetic equivalent of money to receive money.  If you want to know what that is, get a crisp bill and hold it in your hands. You can smell it if you like. What is the energy of money? How does money make you feel?

You don't have to give tangible things.  You can tithe energetically.

The moment you wake up, give your first ounce of love to the Source of All Things.  Repeat at any time of the day.

To mystics, there is a word for priming the pump, tithing, and allegiance—Devotion. All those words mean the same.

Give, and then wait for His love. It always OVERFLOWS. In this way, you will never run out of love, or anything.

Bathe in it, and direct the overflow to areas of your life that are empty or broken.  Love fills the empty and heals the broken. Let His love  OVERFLOW to others. In this way, none of your body parts will hurt when you give to Cribs, Cibo or Caritas.

The secret to amassing Love or anything you want is really no secret—TITHE and expect to RECEIVE TENFOLD or more.

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