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The term "Shadow" was first used by Carl G. Jung to describe parts of ourselves we repress or deny.  It is like keeping those parts imprisoned in a dungeon; thus, we end up going thru life feeling shackled and burdened.

Oneness Restoration is a way to enlighten and free ourselves by first integrating our Light with our pseudo-light.  It is our pseudo-light that blocks the Light and creates “Shadows.”  Let me illustrate how this happens by describing the four characters of Oneness Restoration.



  the shortcut to Oneness Restoration
and the secret to working with your Shadow


Our Light, the True Light

Our Dr. Jekyll, the pseudo-light that blocks the Light

Our Mr. Hyde, the Shadow that results from blocking Light

The Unlovable, the person we hate, a projection of our Shadow

1 – Our Light, the True Light

  • The presence of God in us, a Consciousness of Love
  • Versus the perception God is a bearded-man who lives in the heavens apart from us
  • The Self or Higher Self in contrast to the self or ego
  • The Light we are, the Love we are
  • What we truly are
  • Light = Consciousness = Love—all three are one and the same
  • True Love in contrast to Kumbaya love
  • Our intrinsic ability to love
  • Unpolarized Light
  • El, The Masculine

2 – Our Dr. Jekyll, our pseudo-light that blocks True Light

  • The Hater, the one who hates the Unlovable
  • The self or ego in contrast to the Self or Higher Self
  • One part of us that hungers for love and attention
  • Polarized light
  • The pseudo-Masculine
  • JEKYLL’S PITFALL:  Dr. Jekyll is the image of goodness we try  hard to maintain so we can be acknowledged, loved and accepted by our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, children, and the rest of society.

3 – Our Mr. Hyde, the Shadow

  • Created when our True Light is blocked by Dr. Jekyll, our pseudo-light
  • The Hatee, the recipient of hate
  • The dark side of us, the part we hide
  • The part of us society refuses to accept
  • The part of us that is dying from lack of Light = Consciousness = Love
  • The other part of us that hungers for love and attention
  • Shekinah, The Feminine
  • The future Vessel of Love, the future receptacle of Love

4 – The Unlovable

  • All the people and situations we hate
  • A projection of our Mr. Hyde
  • A mirror image of our Mr. Hyde
  • The representative or extension of The Feminine
  • The Beloved Child
  • Because we want to deny and disassociate with our Mr. Hyde, we project or pass him on to others; and then we point a finger and say, "You are no good; whereas, I am all good."


We deny our dark side exists because society says we have to be “good” for us to be worthy of their love.


We are beings of Love.  We live on Love.  We die without Love.


We think only society can give us the love we need; whereas, the true source of Love—the capacity to Love—is within us.

And yet, we find it so hard to love the Unlovable.   When on the road to Oneness Restoration, we stop dead on our tracks.   We want to turn back because we think, in order to restore ourselves to Oneness, we must love the Unlovable; truth be told, we find it hard to love the Unlovable.

All the more it becomes harder when we are told the Unlovable is a mirror image of something that exists in us—our Mr. Hyde.


"Go hide Mr. Hyde or society will withdraw its love from me." 


So don't.  Don’t force yourself to love the Unlovable; tenderly embrace the Hater in you instead.


It is difficult to love the Unlovable.  Do not force yourself.

Instead, tenderly embrace the Hater.

Your Higher Self will take over

and then you will isn't hard to love the Hater.


There are four characters in Oneness Restoration:

Our Light, the True Light

Our Dr. Jekyll, the pseudo-light that blocks the Light

Our Mr. Hyde, the Shadow that results from blocking Light

The Unlovable, the person we hate, a projection of our Shadow


The shortcut to Oneness Restoration
is to merge with the presence of God in us—your Higher Self, a Consciousness of Love, the True Light.

Let your Higher Self take over and do the loving.  Make use of what you truly are to tenderly love and embrace the Jekyll Hater in you.   And then watch what happens. The self and Higher Self will merge.

Your hate for The Unlovable will dissolve in Love.
And your Love will enlighten what were once your Shadows—your Mr. Hydes.

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