<span class="entry-title-primary">2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Rx Bandwagon Period</span>

2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar Rx Bandwagon Period

Download the 2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar


The good news is, 2019 won’t be as bad.  In 2019, Venus and Mars will not turn retrograde.


The 2019 Rx Bandwagon Period: June 22 – September 18

But there will still be an Rx Bandwagon period with 4-5 Planets in retrograde (Rx) at the same time.  It begins when Neptune turns retrograde and joins the bandwagon on June 22, and ends on September 18, 2019 when Saturn hops off the bandwagon. 


Very Precarious Time: July 8 – August 1
Within the Rx Bandwagon period is a very precarious time beginning on July 8 thru Aug 1, 2019.   Five Planets—Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto—will be in retrograde motion.


Plan Ahead
When planning important events, avoid periods when Planets are retrograde.  At the very least, avoid days  when Planets turn Rx and when they go Direct.


Download the 2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar


Next: Mercury Retrograde DO'S & DON'TS

Mercury Retrograde



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<span class="entry-title-primary">Your Three Superpowers</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">URANUS, NEPTUNE & PLUTO</span>

Your Three Superpowers URANUS, NEPTUNE & PLUTO

Read Your Next Superpower


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto endow us with superpowers.  They are the higher expressions of the first three Planets that trail the Sun—Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Mercury > Uranus

Venus > Neptune 

Mars > Pluto

Mercury rules how we think.  Uranus raises us to a higher way of thinking. 

Venus rules how we love.   Neptune teaches us a higher way of using our heart.  

Mars rules how we act.   Pluto shows us the higher power of our actions.

As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto race across the sky, they usher situations that enable us to hone our superpowers. 

Uranus Superpower: The brilliance of INNOVATION

Neptune Superpower: The truth of INTUITION 

Pluto Superpower: The might of TRANSFORMATION


Uranus.  Before we become super-innovative, we must tear down old structures.  Look around you. Identify the structures that no longer serve you. 

Neptune.  Before we become super-intuitive, we need to let go of the noise that weigh us down.  Only then can we, once again, hear the truth in our hearts. 

Pluto.  Before we become super-transformative, we must enter darkness.  There will be a struggle until we use our last strength to open our inner eye.  Only then can we see the light that will guide us out of our darkness.  We realize, the light that led us was our own light. 


1. The most common distinction made between the planets is "inner planets" versus "outer planets."  The term "inner planets" refers to the seven visible planets—the Sun and the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  The "outer planets" are the planets that are only visible with a telescope: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The asteroid Chiron functions as a bridge between the inner and the outer planets.   

2. The Discovery of Outer Planets

Uranus was first seen around the time electricity was discovered in the mid-18th century.  Since then, Astrologers noticed  Uranus is always involved with new technologies and leaps in progress.  The discovery of Uranus coincided with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. 

Neptune was discovered in the mid-19th century, a time when Romanticism flourished, a far cry from the dry-intellectualism of the 18th century. 

The discovery of Pluto in the early 20th century coincided with two world wars.

3. Man's consciousness expands as new Planets are discovered.


2018 Forecast: Mark Your Calendar

2018 Forecast: Mark Your Calendar


Learn the techniques I use to do forecasts


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<span class="entry-title-primary">The Precarious Road Ahead</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">PART I, BEGINNING WITH DAMASCUS</span>


April 14.  On the day facilities in Damascus were bombed, the countries mentioned on the front page news—Syria, France, UK, US and Russia—had one thing in common. They all have natal Planets at 21°.

On that day, both Pluto and Jupiter Rx were at 21°, allowing the fateful events on that day to happen.

Today, news bureaus are quiet except for commentaries and speculations.

Beginning April 23. A week from now, Pluto, the Planet of immense power and transformation will join Jupiter and turn retrograde; still at 21°.

Pluto will back up and redo the events that took place in Damascus on April 14; this time, more intensely.

Beginning May 27. Five weeks later, Pluto will slide to 20° and drag other nations including Turkey, Iran and North Korea into the ring.

Pluto is larger than life, omnipotent and alchemical. When retrograde, Pluto is dead set on imparting three things:

1. The right use of power

2. How to transform lead to gold which always requires death—be it gross or subtle

3. Nothing ever dies; only its form changes

Is there a way to change the course of events? What will it take? Watch out for Part II.

Photograph by  Victor Sukhorukov; published under a Creative Commons license. 

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<span class="entry-title-primary">2018 Forecast: Mark Your Calendar</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">PART I OF III, RETROGRADES</span>

2018 Forecast: Mark Your Calendar PART I OF III, RETROGRADES

How to Make Good Use of This Forecast

1 - Bookmark this page.  Use this forecast to guide you in timing important events in 2018.

2 – Grab your 2018 pocket or digital calendar.

3 - This forecast is divided into three parts


Begin marking dates on your calendar as you read thru this forecast.

Unusual and unexpected things happen to matters ruled by a Planet when Retrograde (Rx).

For example:

• When Mercury is Rx, mistakes, misunderstandings,  and communication and transportation setbacks are likely.  Do not sign contracts, buy new items and begin new projects.

• When Venus is Rx, reconsider your relationships and financial investments.  Do not get married.  Lovers from the past could resurface to resume or bring closure to a past relationship.  Investments could lose value. It is not a good time to make expensive purchases.

• When Mars is Rx, avoid quarreling and stay clear from all forms of aggression.  Practice anger management techniques.

To know the exact dates, download the 2018 Planet Retrograde Calendar here.


1. Stay clear of times when more than three Planets are Rx.

For example: Jun 27 thru Aug 28

Six Planets—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—will be Rx on Jun 27 thru Aug 28

2. Avoid scheduling important events from the time a Planet enters its Pre-Shadow period until it exits its Post-Shadow period.  See 2018 Planet Retrograde Calendar for exact dates.

3. At the very least, avoid those dates when Planets turns Rx, and when they turn Direct.


4 Jan thru 8 Mar

A relatively quiet and peaceful time in 2018 to do important life events begins

on January 4, the day after Uranus turns direct

thru March 8, the day before Jupiter turns Rx

This period could be the calm before the storm.



Know more about Mercury Rx DO'S & DON'TS

Mercury Retrograde


Read Your Money in 2018 and the Seven Year Financial Revolution

Your Money in 2018


Learn all the techniques I use to do forecasts


If you want to learn all the techniques I use, come and join classes.

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When is the best time to request a reading?

Most of my clients request a Full Chart Reading for the Year Ahead 3-4 months before their birthdays each year. Check out this article: WHY I FLEW TO TOKYO ON MY BIRTHDAY





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<span class="entry-title-primary">The Passage to New Earth</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">FORECAST: 2017 AND BEYOND</span>

The Passage to New Earth FORECAST: 2017 AND BEYOND

The key themes for 2017 are:

  • Breaking away from outmoded structures
  • Finding balance
  • Cultivating inner-spiritual wisdom



Jupiter in Libra thru October
Jupiter, the Great Benefic, has the strongest voice thru October this year.  In Libra, it will deliver opportunities to learn balance within ourselves which will then reflect on our important relationships.  Engage in Inner Work, yoga and other practices that promote balance.



2017 Mercury Retrograde
Keep tab of the Mercury Rx cycles.   Other than the standard DO'S & DON'TS, Mercury Rx cycles are a time to rethink.

Write the dates and the guide questions below on your calendar or diary.


Rx on a doctor's pad originated from the Latin word "recipere" meaning "to take"

Rx Cycle 1: ended on Jan 8 (Capricorn)
How do I want to shape my career? What do I need to do?
What is my mission? How can I best perform my mission?

Rx Cycle 2: Apr 9 - May 3 (Taurus)
What is pleasurable?
What am I worth? What is my worth based on?

Rx Cycle 3: Aug 12 - Sept 5 (Virgo)
What do I need to maintain good health and well-being?
What service can I do that I enjoy and can get paid for?

Rx Cycle 4: Dec 3 - Dec 22 (Sagittarius)
Where do I want to travel? Which cities have I not seen?
What do I believe in?
What do I need to learn? How can I gain insight?


2017 Venus Retrograde in Aries, Mar 3 - Apr 14

Do not get married.  Avoid quarreling and being self-centered; walk a mile in your partner's shoes.

This is a time to act on what makes you happy. If you are not happy with your life, how can you be happy in a relationship? Happiness comes from within. Cultivate inner happiness.


2017 Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, April 6 - Aug 26
Do what is right and ethical or you could be called out. On the other hand, avoid self-righteousness when pointing out shortcomings and mistakes.  This is the stuff that push people and nations to the brink of war.


Other alignments in 2017 including eclipses will prepare the stage for what the Book of Revelations portends as the Fall of Babylon and the unveiling of New Jerusalem.

Late-2017 will drag the global economy to the ground; 2018-2019 will pin it down.

The contributing characters are:

  1. Game Changer Uranus will spend its final year in war-hungry Aries.  It will enter Taurus in May 2018 to tear down outmoded financial structures.
  2. Saturn, the Great Reaper, will sit on its throne in Capricorn beginning Dec 2017 thru 2020.


Humanity will come face to face with a question and dilemma: Who is the real king?

Who shall I pledge allegiance to? God or mammon? Humanity cannot serve both.

3. The choice will not be hard to make when Jupiter forms an alliance with Neptune, the Keeper of Oneness in Dec 2017.

4. In Jan 2020, Saturn will join transformative Pluto to usher a new age.


Oct 2016 - April 2020 will probably be the hardest 3.5 years Humanity will face since The Crash in 1929 followed by the Great Depression and war.

While the coming years sound ominous, it is the passage to New Earth



Resource: Download the 2017 Planet Retrograde Calendar

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<span class="entry-title-primary">Mercury Retrograde</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">DO'S & DON'TS</span>

Mercury Retrograde DO'S & DON'TS

Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in about 88 days, while Earth takes 365 days.  Since Mercury travels faster, it zooms passed Earth 3-4 times each year.  As it rounds the bend, it appears to slow down, stop, move backward, stop again, then move forward— this cycle is known as retrograde or Rx from the Latin word "retrogradus" meaning "backward step."

Mercury rules:

  • The conscious mind
  • How we perceive and relay information
  • Speaking, listening and negotiating
  • Buying and selling
  • Contracts, mails and other documents
  • Anything that has moving parts
  • Distribution networks
  • Short travels

What happens during Mercury Rx?

Have you ever watched a child coloring a page?  Back and forth...back and forth.

That is what happens when Mercury is retrograde.  We must learn to have presence of mind and be present to what we are doing or Mercury will make us go back and forth until we learn our lesson.

In a nutshell, whenever a Planet turns retrograde, it is time to pay attention to matters ruled by the Planet.


Popular DON'Ts during Mercury Rx: 

  • Do not sign contracts and submit important documents
  • Do not start a project that will take more than a day to complete
  • Do not purchase gadgets, electronics, vehicles and anything with moving parts
  • Do not renew your passport or apply for a visa
  • Do not trust your memory
  • Do not change your PINs and passwords
  • Do not undergo elective surgery
  • Do not get married



Schedules will keep changing, traffic will snarl, and important documents could be misplaced.

For long trips, buy travelers checks, and carry-on important items and a set of clothing.  Do not rely on weather reports; weather patterns can run wild.




DO things that start with "RE":  repair, research, recalculate, rethink rewrite, retake, repossess, recall and remember

  • Mercury Rx jolts us to review and REvise our life
  • Attend to accounting matters (REcount)
  • Look up an estranged lover and REunite
  • Write your account number clearly when you pay a bill
  • Secure your wallet in a vault
  • Put shackles on your day planner
  • Anchor your pen with a ball and chain
  • REpair a vehicle
  • Clean your house
  • REcycle and give away things you no longer need

Your memory will be like burnt toast during Mercury Rx.   Guidelines and requirements will keep changing.   Promises made will be ignored and appointments can be postponed.   These are definitely not the right conditions for doing business.

Start a business after Mercury goes direct.  If you want to play safe, wait until Mercury exits its Post-Shadow period.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Avoid scheduling Mercury-related activities from the time Mercury enters its Pre-Shadow period until Mercury exits its Post-Shadow period.

At the very least, avoid dates when Mercury turns retrograde and goes direct.  To know the exact dates, download the 2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar. 


Why am I experiencing things going back and forth even before Mercury turns Rx? 

During the entire Rx cycle, Mercury will pass thru the same degrees three times.  If you have a natal Planet in Mercury's path, here's what will happen:

1st Pass - During Pre-Shadow, you could start feeling the Rx effect

2nd Pass - During Rx, the effect will intensify

3rd Pass - During Post-Shadow, the Rx effect will taper; things will return to normal

What do “station” and “direct” mean?

"Retrograde,” “direct” and “station” describe the movement of Planets.

  • Retrograde means “backward”
  • Direct means “forward”
  • Station refers to the moment a Planet stops, pivots and changes direction

Retrogrades Each year, almost all Planets go through periods when they appear to be moving backwards.

Stations.  Be on the lookout when Planets station to turn retrograde or move direct.  Retrograde Stations are as precarious as Direct Stations.


I really need to sign a contract.  Is there a remedy?

Rx on a doctor's pad originated from the Latin word "recipere" meaning "to take"

It's hard to put mercurial tasks on hold while Mercury is Rx.  Don't despair; there is a lesser-known remedy.

REMEDY: Morning or Evening Star

Run a chart for the day you plan to sign the contract to know if Mercury is a morning or evening star or refer to the dates below.

Morning Star.  If Mercury rises and sets before the Sun, it is considered a "morning star."  That means, its good qualities shine from dawn to sunset (DAY), and its undesirable qualities are prominent sunset until dawn (NIGHT).


If you need to sign a contract or do other mercurial tasks, do it before the Sun goes down preferably at the Hour of Mercury.  Avoid timing mercurial activities after sunset especially during the hour of Mercury.

Evening Star.
If Mercury rises and sets after the Sun, it is considered an "evening star."  The opposite will apply:




Mar 6 thru Mar 15      Evening Star, NIGHT GOOD, DAY BAD

Mar 15 thru Mar 29    Morning Star, DAY GOOD, NIGHT BAD


Jul 8 thru Jul 21            Evening Star, NIGHT GOOD, DAY BAD

Jul 21 thru Aug 1         Morning Star, DAY GOOD, NIGHT BAD


Nov 1 thru Nov 11      Evening Star, NIGHT GOOD, DAY BAD

Nov 11 thru Nov 21    Morning Star, DAY GOOD, NIGHT BAD



  • Be mindful of your thoughts and the things you do.
  • When you find yourself going back and forth, take a deep breath to calm down, pull yourself together, and return to your center.
  • From your center, smile and raise your vibe. By doing so, you will be in a better state to deal with the situation.
  • Remember: Things always happen for a reason.
  • Relax and Ask: Why?  Why is this happening?  What can I learn from this?
  • Do a good deed to raise your vibe.



Which area of my life will be affected when Mercury is retrograde?

Follow the steps below to know which area of your life may be affected:


1 – Run your natal chart.  Refer to How to Generate a Free Birth Chart.

2 - Download the  2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar.  Note the dates Mercury will turn Retrograde and go Direct.

3 - Take note of two things to identify the retrograde area:

  • Sign and degree where Mercury will turn Retrograde
  • Sign and degree where Mercury will go Direct

4 - Refer to your natal chart.  Mark the House/s that fall/s within the retrograde area to identify the area/s of life you will experience the Rx effect most.

5 - To interpret, see Planets, Signs & Houses in Astrology INTERPRETATION GUIDE


NEW!  Download 2019 Planet Retrograde Calendar







Is Rx a myth?

Observe what happens and journal your experiences so you can determine if there are substantial RE's during Rx periods.


If you want to learn all the techniques I use, come and join classes.

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Nothing like knowing Astrology to move in sync with the Universe.  Astrology has helped me to understand myself more, plan accordingly and make sound business decisions!

I am definitely grateful to Rami for the unfailing advice given over the years and for sharing the ins and outs of this science in a way that is relevant and easily grasped.

I heartily recommend Earther Rise Astrology to everyone looking for more clarity and mastery!

Noelle Rodriguez

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<span class="entry-title-primary">Good & Bad Days in August 2017</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">MARK YOUR CALENDARS</span>

Good & Bad Days in August 2017 MARK YOUR CALENDARS

The scene for August will be ominous.

  • Five Planets—Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—in retrograde
  • A Lunar Eclipse on August 7 followed by a total Solar Eclipse on August 21 that will sweep across the most influential country in the world—the United States
  • Chiron, the harbinger of pain and Uranus, the Planet of unexpected upheavals, rebellion, lawlessness, lightning storms, and earthquakes will be prominent during the Solar Eclipse

There will be some good days in August; but there will also be days we need to be extra careful and vigilant.  Avoid crowded places and altercations.  Keep your vibe up.

There are days to avoid in August if you are:

  • Planning an important event
  • Beginning a new project
  • Proposing marriage or getting married
  • Purchasing expensive items
  • Beginning a treatment protocol or having surgery
  • Signing a contract and purchasing a vehicle (other than the dates listed below,  avoid Mercury Rx beginning August 13 thru September 5 )


Days to Avoid

3 – Uranus turns Rx
4 – Sun conjunct Mars, Jupiter square Pluto
6 – Sun quincunx Neptune
10 – Sun quincunx Pluto; Mars quincunx Neptune
13 – Mercury turns Rx
14 – Mars conjunct the Sun; Sun trine Saturn
15 – Venus opposite Pluto and quincunx the Moon; Mars opposite the Moon
16 – Venus square Jupiter
17 – Mars quincunx Pluto
19 – Venus quincunx Saturn
21 – Solar Eclipse; Sun quincunx Chiron and trine Uranus
23 – Mars trine Saturn
25 – Venus trine Chiron and square Uranus
26 – Saturn stations Direct and prepares to move forward

Note: Time zone used is GMT+8; convert to your local time



Next Steps...

To know more about Chart Readings

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Got Your Goat

Got Your Goat

Jupiter Rx in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 
Aug 2017

We are approaching the third of three squares (90º) between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

* The first in Nov 2016 coincided with the U.S. presidential elections
* The second has begun and will peak on Mar 27 thru Mar 30, 2017
* The third will happen in Aug 2017

Jupiter in Libra will make sure we relate well with one another and try to resolve our disagreements, but what is percolating underneath like an overdue volcano (Pluto) is what we need to be aware of.

The tension we see happening in the world is also happening on a personal level. Pluto's influence is psychological and has everything to do with Power, or the lack of it—Force.

1. Before Jupiter-Pluto reaches its peak, take a step back from one-on-one relationships you are having difficulty with. Consider even the small struggles and friction you face each day that corrode your relationships with partners, children, parents, colleagues and strangers.

2. Examine what is getting your goat; no pun intended. It so happens Pluto is in Capricorn (a goat working his way up the mountain of life, career, success and honor; goat is a metaphor for one's state of peace).

It is likely the current situation is reminiscent of a past situation you have yet to come to terms with. On the Comments thread, you will find How-To resources to help you.

3. Weigh the consequences of not being aware of Pluto's grumblings. You could lose your goat and end up regretting things you should not have said or done.

4. We are all connected; whatever you do is shared with the rest of the world. Regain your peace if you want to see peace in the world.

This configuration between Jupiter and Pluto has not occurred since Jan 1934. In 1934, the young world witnessed the rise of Nazism with Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain.

That was then.

Today, we are much more informed. There are many resources we can turn to. We understand the consequences of not taking the road to peace.

Let history not repeat itself.

Always find a way to resolve matters even if there seems to be none.

Photo Credit: "Somebody Got Your Goat" by Eloise Schneider


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<span class="entry-title-primary">The Spirit of the Law</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">2017 SATURN Rx</span>

The Spirit of the Law 2017 SATURN Rx

Saturn Rx, Apr 6-Aug 26

“The spirit of the law” is the resounding theme for this Saturn Rx period.

“The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis.  When one obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit, one is obeying the literal interpretation of the words (the “letter”) of the law, but not necessarily the intent of those who wrote the law.”


Understanding the spirit of the law is often overlooked when a person commits a violation.

Not this time; within the Rx period, Saturn will make sure you understand the spirit of the law, and that you will take corrective action.

The Rx period began on Dec 30, 2016 and will last thru Dec 1, 2017; it will peak when Saturn in Sagittarius turns Rx beginning on April 6 thru Aug 26.

Begin: Dec 30, 2016
End: Dec 1, 2017
Peak: Apr 6 thru Aug 26, 2017

Combine the keywords below to understand “Saturn in Sagittarius.”

• To understand Saturn, think discipline, structure, boundaries, limits, expertise, authority, a parent (usually the more controlling one), business & financial institutions, career, maturity, mastery, and wisdom

• To understand Sagittarius, think about the following archetypes: The Philosopher, The Teacher, The Guide, The Traveler, and The Free Spirit

• Pay attention to all things ruled by Saturn including discipline, structure, boundaries, limits, expertise, and authority

• When you are called out for not following a law, boundary or guideline, dig up the “spirit of the law” you violated

• Do not fall into victim-syndrome

• Do not result to blame-shame-guilt

BIG TIP: Turn to the Sagittarius archetypes (see previous section).  Choose one; take stock of the archetype’s unbalanced and balanced qualities. Review your violation and what you plan to do to correct your wrongdoing. Am I coming from balance or unbalance? What do I need to do to achieve balance?

Using The Philosopher as an example—

Unbalanced or Detrimental Qualities: Analysis-paralysis, justifying a wrongdoing, looking for a way to save one’s neck, not owning up to responsibilities, looking for a scapegoat or someone to blame

Balanced or Benign Qualities: Reviewing and understanding the spirit of the law, acting based on what will bring about the highest good for all vs. saving one’s neck

• Correct your wrongdoing, misstep or mistake immediately

BIGGEST TIP: The most important is, demonstrate to the other party that you understand the spirit of the law.


• A Planet moves forward, stops and then moves backward, stops again, and then moves forward. The movement looks like the letter Z.

Direct: Moves forward
Retrograde Station: Stops
Retrograde: Moves backward
Direct Station: Stops
Direct: Moves forward again




• THREE STRIKES. If you have a natal Planet that falls within the “Rx degrees,” know it will trigger three events in your life. Hopefully, by the third strike you would have learned the lesson the Planet brings. For this Saturn Rx period, the degrees are: 21°-27°.

• ALL WILL BE AFFECTED. If you do not have natal Planets in 21°-27°, you will still get wind of the theme. Read the news. Scroll down your Facebook news feed. Look around you. Be observant and open to learning.

• If you know how to read charts, you will be able to tell:

1. THE TRIGGER – The people, situation and area of your life the change will come from
2. THE NATURE – The kind of change or over-all energy
3. THE SITUATION – The area of your life receiving the change
4. ADDED EFFECT – In some cases, not all, the situation will affect other areas of your life

Astrology is a tool to raise one’s consciousness and maintain awareness. If you can identify the trigger, the nature, the situation, the other areas of your life that will be affected, and the exact dates ahead of time—you can save yourself from a lot of trouble and heartache, and know how to better deal with life situations.


• Practical Astrology Simplified teaches how to read and understand birth charts.  It is a prerequisite class to Life in Transit and other advanced classes.

• In Life in Transit, you will learn to forecast events (the trigger, nature, situation, other areas of life that will be affected, and exact dates) and review past events in life to gain more learnings.

Learn more about Earther Rise Astrology Classes


1. Saturn will turn Rx on April 6 at 1:06 pm (Manila)
2. The dates/time mentioned in this article are based on Manila Time (GMT +8); convert to your local time
3. There are times when laws are outmoded and need to be revised. This is not the time to push for revision. Wait for a time when Uranus, the planet that tears down outmoded structures, is prominent and in good standing.


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2017 Neptune Rx

2017 Neptune Rx

June-November 2017

What’s coming up?

Let’s backtrack a bit. In April, we hurdled five Planets in retrograde—Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.
May was a bit kinder with only three in retrograde (Rx)—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

It was a breather for most. Instead of fighting fires, many were able to do inner housecleaning and take time to smell the roses.

On June 17, Neptune will come like a huge wave and join the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Rx bandwagon.
Neptune is Rx for about 150 days; so don’t hold your breath.

Neptune, when Rx, will make us face our fears. It will strip the illusions, fantasies and false realities we subscribe to in order to cope with our fears—about ourselves, our finances, our possessions, what we believe we are worth, our family bonds, our relationships, our careers, and more.

We will have to face reality and wake up. For some, Neptune Rx will be a splash of cold water, for others it will be like Niagara Falls. Neptune will be exactly what you need it to be to wake you up.

The biggest illusion is seeing the outside world as the source of permanent love, peace and joy. While you can make a girl fall in love with you, buy a ticket to a paradise getaway, and invite all your friends for a night of fun and laughter, the outside world can only offer fleeting moments of love, peace and joy.

Like a drug addict, you will move heaven and earth to get your next fix of love-peace-joy, and your next, and your next—whatever the cost is.

Neptune is the planet of addiction.

IF YOU FACE YOUR FEARS AND LET GO OF YOUR ILLUSIONS, there is another side of Neptune. Neptune is also the planet of enlightenment.

It will clear a path so you can go within and discover the true and eternal Source of Love-Peace-Joy that you are.

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